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Supermoon will be visible for the only time in 2017

For the only time in 2017, a visible supermoon will light up the night, appearing up to 7 percent bigger and 16 percent brighter to the naked eye.

For the most common breast cancer type, the risk of recurrence lingers

Breast cancer survivors risk having cancer come back as long as 20 years, a study finds. The risk of recurrence is higher the more advanced their cancer was.

Texas counted a fetus as a church shooting victim — that's not unusual

Texas' decision to include the unborn child in the final tally wouldn't be uncommon nationwide — although it opens up larger legal questions.

Can Nurx, the 'Uber for birth control,' help women in contraceptive deserts?

Nurx, an app that uses telemedicine to bring birth control right to women's doorsteps, may help underserved, rural areas — if pro-life advocates don't fight it.

Just about anyone can opt out of providing birth control now

The Trump administration loosened Obamacare birth control requirements allowing more employers to refuse to pay for an employee’s contraception.

What happens when birth control isn’t free any more?

The Trump administration's move to let more employers opt out of providing free birth control could lead to more abortions.