A Conservative MP gets booted from the House of Commons floor for heckling, a notorious B.C. killer is granted day parole, and new questions have been raised over second-hand marijuana smoke and drug tests. 1. MP booted: Amid intense questioning over Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s personal finances, Conservative MP Blake Richards was kicked out of the House of Commons for heckling. 2. Ellard’s day parole: Two decades after teenager Reena Virk was beaten and drowned near a B.C. bridge, her killer Kelly Ellard has been granted conditional approval for day parole to attend a treatment program for substance abuse. 3. Second-hand toke: Remember when Olympic gold medalist Ross Rebagliati claimed the THC he tested positive for was the result of second-hand marijuana smoke? A new study seems to support his claim. 4. Don’t say ‘hi’ in Quebec: The province’s national assembly voted unanimously to call on store clerks to use the greeting “bonjour,” rather than the frequently used bilingual salutation “bonjour-hi.” Some retailers aren’t impressed. 5. Shark video: A photographer’s drone captured chilling footage of a what appears to be a dangerous tiger shark swimming close to beachgoers in Miami. And… ICYMI: A lobster caught in New Brunswick has the image of a Pepsi can embedded in its claw.