Ever since the Irish MMA hero’s billion-dollar match he has been talking about being handed shares in the company he has now outgrown. The dramatic decline of Ronda Rousey and the repeated drug busts for Jon Jones have left the two-weight Crumlin hero miles ahead of anyone on the roster. An April octagon return for the lightweight champion against interim belt-holder Tony Ferguson looks the most likely fixture. But Woodley claims the rest of the card McGregor makes his return on will be stacked with lesser-known names as he refuses to share the wealth he has fought for. “From what I hear, if he’s on the card, he doesn’t want any pay-per-view grossing fighters on the card with him,” Woodley told MMA Junkie. “Because he doesn’t want to feed us anymore, which I can respect. The dude is the draw. “You can hate all you want, but he’s the draw. He’s that dude right now.” “The people that are going to watch me are going to watch Conor. “There are people that watch Conor that might not watch me. “So I can see where he’s coming from, in basically feeding us to get pay-per-view. “I really don’t have an issue with that.” McGregor is currently having enough aggro outside of the octagon to worry about fighting inside of it. The UFC icon was in court this week for a speeding charge and is apparently being threatened by a notorious Irish crime gang over a bar brawl. This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission.