A breakdown of the fights on the main card of UFC 218 on Saturday at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, with picks from the Review-Journal’s Adam Hill and Heidi Fang: Max Holloway (18-3) vs. Jose Aldo (26-3) Class: For Holloway’s featherweight title Line: Holloway -330 Storyline: Holloway has been on an absolute tear since suffering a loss to Conor McGregor in 2013. He has destroyed each and every opponent to step in front of him in the cage and did the same to Aldo, the longest-reigning champ in division history, when they met in June. Aldo went into that bout as a slight favorite. While Holloway was the better fighter on that night, the dramatic shift in odds from the first meeting to the second appears to be a bit of an overreaction considering Aldo was having success early. Holloway’s reach, speed and power make him a very tough matchup, but Aldo is quite similar. One thing to watch is how well Aldo bounces back from his loss. After he lost to McGregor, he came back with one of the best performances of his career against Frankie Edgar the next time out. Hill’s pick: Aldo by third-round knockout Fang’s pick: Holloway by decision Alistair Overeem (43-15, 1 No Contest) vs. Francis Ngannou (10-1) Class: Heavyweight Line: Ngannou -270 Storyline: There is no mystery to this one. This should essentially be a kickboxing battle until someone falls down. Ngannou is one of the fastest and most powerful heavyweight striking prospects to come along since, well, maybe Overeem. All of the expectations are on Ngannou, who has burst on the scene with five straight stoppage wins to start his UFC career, with the last three coming in the first round. Overeem is an ideal opponent to stand in front of him and showcase Ngannou’s strengths. It won’t be easy, however. Overeem is more than capable of ending Ngannou’s rise with one punch or kick and he has plenty of tricks from his years of fighting and kickboxing that could provide a challenge. A win here for Ngannou, who has relocated to Las Vegas, probably means a title shot. Hill’s pick: Ngannou by second-round knockout Fang’s pick: Ngannou by first-round knockout Henry Cejudo (11-2) vs. Anthony Pettis (16-2) Class: Flyweight Line: