For example, Alvarez says the winner will earn the title of most violent man in the UFC. Gaethje, a blunt force artist, says he’s ready to take Alvarez’s life. The anticipation among fans is high, the buzz and expectation surrounding the lightweight showdown has arguably exceeded that of the main event despite no title being on the line. Gaethje, who boasts an 18-0 record in his professional career, put on a fight for the ages against Michael Johnson in his UFC debut. Expectations were high for the former World Series of Fighting alumn, but in two brutal rounds where he was rocked repeatedly, the scrapper survived to knock out the game Johnson. It was a fight of the year contender, one that soared past all expectations. Now Gaethje will face Alvarez (28-5-1), the most accomplished opponent of his career. Violence of the most raw, undiluted variety, beckons. In a way, Eddie Alvarez is afraid of what’s about to happen. But the 34-year old told the Daily Telegraph this isn’t just a good thing, it’s what propels him to his best, most complete and overall most violent performances. “In 15 years of this sport it’s tough to feel any emotion toward an MMA fight, so when I can come across an opponent like this, an opponent where there’s a bit of danger involved it sparks emotion” Alvarez said. “That’s something I don’t feel every single fight. It’s enjoyable for me, it brings excitement to my craft and excitement to my job. “Some guys I look at and I have a bit of fear, and that fear moves me. It moves me in ways that I don’t even know I’m capable of, and I love it. “This is why I picked the most dangerous opponents. It’s not because I’m this guy who’s crazy, or I’m trying to do whatever, I just know how I respond to guys who are dangerous, guys who have that violent, aggressive nature. Alvarez says he responds well to fear.Source:AFP “When I don’t feel that, my body don’t move the way it should. I get a bit lackadaisical, that adrenaline don’t kick in the way it should. There are two sides to Eddie Alvarez. Many of the UFC’s newer fans only know the 34-year old from his brief stint as lightweight champion last year, a reign which was ended by McGregor in dominant