Various unconfirmed reports from Ireland and the UK claimed McGregor had a threat made against his life after a bar room brawl in Dublin. The reports claimed senior members of Ireland’s infamous Kinahan crime cartel are seeking retribution against the UFC lightweight champion. Irish police are aware of claims McGregor allegedly assaulted a man with ties to Kinahan lieutenant Graham “The Wig” Whelan — one of the country’s most feared gangsters who was a key player in a long-running feud which claimed 16 lives in the early 2000s. One report suggested the man, who is in his 50s, is Whelan’s father. McGregor was at the Black Forge Inn in Crumlin when he is alleged to have thrown several punches after a dispute with a group of men last weekend. McGregor is alleged to have struck one member of the group before the associate of Whelan’s stepped in and was punched twice by the UFC star. Paul Williams, a high-profile Irish crime writer, shed new light on the situation on his radio show Newstalk Breakfast. “Conor McGregor is potentially in very, very serious danger,” Williams said. “I hear that from my sources and from looking at the lay of the land. He has ended up crossing swords — accidentally or however — with some very, very heavy people, or some people who are related to some very, very heavy people who could pose a very serious threat to his safety, and potentially his life. And I don’t say that lightly. “And these people, you have to remember — as I keep saying — they don’t care, they don’t have parameters, they don’t have boundaries, they don’t discriminate between whether you’re an international sporting icon or just a man on the street. They shoot you, they injure you, they do whatever they want to do. “I think it’s extraordinary. And I think in the next 24-48 hours, I believe that An Garda Siochana (Ireland’s national police service) will be approaching Conor McGregor and saying to him, ‘By the way, we just want to officially inform you that potentially your safety is at risk’. I think it’s an extraordinary state of affairs. And watch this space.” UFC boss Dana White is yet to speak to Conor McGregor.Source:Instagram Irish police have said they are not