Forced to attend a Dublin court to answer to a speeding charge, McGregor arrived late wearing a dark green Adidas tracksuit in a $150,000 BMW. He left the doors up on his vehicle and an associate to ensure it wasn’t towed, before fronting frustrated Judge Miriam Walsh inside the Blanchardstown District Court. As she waited for the notoriously tardy Irishman, Walsh described her annoyance at McGregor’s third failure to appear in court over the matter. “I’m getting nothing but fingers from Mr McGregor. If he’s making a case, he has to be here,” Walsh said. “This is absolute disrespect to the court.” But after McGregor apologised and pleaded guilty for driving at 158km/h in a 100km/h zone on the N7 Naas Rd in Rathcoole on March 31, the conversation turned lighter. “As is my normal question in relation to the fine, I have to ask you a question: How much do you earn?” Walsh said. “And don’t tell me you earn 110 million (euros) in one day.” As laughter rang out across the court, McGregor replied: “Well, 140 (million).” Walsh then issued McGregor with a 400 euro fine — and said he could “pay by instalments”. “I wanted to show my respect by showing up here today, and I apologise,” McGregor said. “I’ll pay the fine, thank you.” Notorious. Picture: Niall Carson/PA WireSource:AAP McGregor pulled his hooded jumper over his face as exited the courtroom and negotiated a pack of reporters as he made his way back to his car. Asked about rumours threats had been made against his life by gangsters after his involvement in a bar room brawl last weekend, McGregor replied: “It’s all bollocks.” “I thought I was in bleedin’ Lanzarote,” he added, in reference to claims he’d fled to the Canary Islands to escape the heat. But McGregor couldn’t help a parting shot as he peeled a way in his car, saying: “Come and get me.” It came after McGregor’s father, Tony, blasted claims his son was being targeted after striking a relative of a notorious crime figure “as absolute nonsense” in an interview with the Irish Mirror. “It’s grown legs and it’s getting that ridiculous it’s become funny. We have nothing to fear here whatsoever. There’s no one after us for anything,” said Tony McGregor, at the