Parked in the centre of his own dedicated room, gently stretching his hamstrings on the wresting mats, welterweight king Ben Askren was taking it all in. In less than three hours he would fight for the final time in his storeyed career. But you wouldn’t know it. Calmly chewing the fat with his support team flanked around him, Askren kept a keen eye on proceedings — fight three in One Championship: Immortal Pursuit — on a television perfect placed at eye level. But the conversation wasn’t about the fights. Nor tactics for his main event bout against Shinya Aoki. Of all things, they were chatting politics, corruption and Donald Trump. Soon enough, I was headed back for my seat cageside and a group of VIPs were about to greet the champion. This is part of parcel of fight night for the promotion’s biggest star. And he didn’t care one bit. In fact, he welcomed the hoards of faces that popped in and out of his dressing room, to catch a glimpse of the man and work and the shiny belt that took pride of place on the mantle piece. One by one the fights were run and one. Eventually, just after 11pm Singapore time, Askren would appear before his adoring fans. And seconds into Round 1, 57 seconds to be exact, Askren extended his unbeaten record to 18-0. Ben Askren wants a bout with UFC champion Georges St Pierre, but he'll have to wait.Source:Geelong Advertiser Aoki quickly found himself inside the guard of the accomplished, Olympic and All-American wrestler, and was unable to avoid the bone-crunching strikes, cowering up on the canvas as Askren moved in for the kill. With no way out, and his hands desperately trying to shield the blows, the referee called a halt the bout. With a fourth title defence in his keeping, and the One Championship strap placed around his waist, the popular American addressed the crowd. And it was his answer to the opening question that got tongues wagging. All week it was hammered home that this was Askren’s swan song. Even his mother, in an interview that aired on the big screen seconds before his final fight, was relieved that he had called time. But with the words “I think this is it”, the door was left slightly ajar. It had the press buzzing.