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Atlanta school board considers KIPP charter school expansion Monday

KIPP Metro Atlanta asks to lease former Atlanta elementary school, increase enrollment by 1,100 students

Video: Atlanta fifth-grader thanks school board for  dropping ‘distracting’ from

In a win for an Atlanta fifth-grader who wants to wear leggings to class, the Atlanta school board c...

Apple agrees to pay Ireland $15.4 billion in back taxes to appease EU

But the company is still appealing the decision

Where is Amazon’s Prime Video app for Apple TV?

Six months after Apple said it was coming, it’s still not available.

Faraday Future employee accused of sexual harassment and cyberstalking

A newly uncovered lawsuit will go to trial late next year

Has the Google of South Korea Found a Way to Save Struggling News Outlets?

The nation’s dominant search engine has a model for benefiting local publications—but many are worried about its implications.

It’s More Than Just a Monument

Trump’s decision to cut more than 1 million acres from Bears Ears could permanently crimp the presidency’s ability to protect public land.

Climate Change Might Lower Salaries

The more 90-degree days a fetus or infant endured, the lower his earnings in adulthood.

Native American artifacts, ancient dinosaur fossils and stunning Utah landscape

President Donald Trump vastly reduced the boundaries of two Utah national monuments.

Archaeologists have excavated a 5,000-year-old massive waterway network in China

The discovery rewrites the history of early Chinese engineering.

What is the Cosmic Microwave Background and why did it win some scientists $3

What does it even mean to take a baby picture of the universe, anyway?

Why the internet became obsessed with a poem about plums, as partially explained

Researchers identify why so many may be drawn to poems like William Carlos William's short ode to a plum.

Pigeons have abstract intelligence and can understand concepts of space and time

The humble urban birds scored as well as primates in an intelligence test.

Bronze Age elites used meteorites to make their best weapons and jewelry

Before the Iron Age, there was the Space Iron Age.

Scientists have been wrong about the first bird dinosaur fossil for 160 years

The discovery reverses assumptions about one of the most famous dinosaur fossils ever found.

Trump cuts federal protection for two national monuments

Trump shrunk the size of Bears Ears National Monument by more than 80 percent and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument by roughly 45 percent by signing two presidential

The 'alt-right' and white outrage around the world: An explainer

The US alt-right is a mishmash of people dissatisfied with the Republican establishment and focused on the prosperity of white people.

Lamborghini Urus: This is what the supercar-maker's SUV looks like

Supercar makers have long known that parked next to that snarling Lamborghini, racing-red Ferrari, or stately Bentley at some of the globe's toniest addresses is a practical SUV.

Canadian auto sales may hit 2 million in 2017

The number of new cars and light trucks sold in Canada last month dipped lower compared with a year ago, but was on pace to top 2 million for the full year for the first time,

Volkswagen starts its electric car countdown

In 100 weeks' time, Volkswagen will officially launch its first I.D. car and with it, an all-out assault on the electric car market.

Lost UBC 'sailbot' found off coast of Florida over a year later

A robotic sailboat that vanished in a storm on its way from Newfoundland to Ireland has been found near Florida, much to the relief of the B.C. students who launched it nearly a

Hilton the shark heads south after long sojourn off Nova Scotia coast

It appears a well-loved great white shark has finally taken his leave from Canadian waters and is heading south for the holidays.

Mega Man 11 headed to Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018

In honor of his 30th anniversary, Mega Man is getting a refreshed look, a new game and a series of rereleases.

Konnected has a plan for your old home security system

Konnected's Alarm Panel wants to make your existing wired security system smart.

Don't hug me: Instagram will flag hashtags associated with wildlife abuse

Animal selfies can look cool, but Instagram wants users to know that sometimes the wildlife is abused.

Bill Gates' 2017 book list: Read like a billionaire

A comic's autobiography and a blunt tale of eviction are among the billionaire's recommended reads.

Google engineer reportedly says humans aren't designed to drive cars

Technically Incorrect: A software engineer for Google-owned Waymo struggles with a real-world rental car.

NASA astronauts throw a surprise pizza party in space

International Space Station astronauts make their own edible flying saucers thanks to a special meal kit.

The ZTE Axon M is on sale for $525 at Best Buy

Here's your best shot to get the dual-screen phone for less.

Apple's AirPods may be twice as popular in 2018

Apple may ship 28 million units in 2018, says Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple Pay Cash hits iPhones next week

The Venmo-like money service will roll out to iOS devices next week.

Everything you need to know about Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash makes sending or requesting money almost too easy.

'House of Cards' will come back for season 6 with Robin Wright, and no Kevin

After suspending production of the show, Netflix announced it would create eight more episodes.

Senators to FCC's Ajit Pai: Don't vote on net neutrality until you investigate

Lawmakers ask the agency to look into claims that thousands -- or millions -- of public comments were made by bots.

Lake Louise ski resort pleads guilty to cutting down endangered trees

A world-renowned Alberta ski resort has pleaded guilty to cutting down a stand of endangered trees.

Lake Louise Ski Resort in court for alleged removal of endangered whitebark pine

Lake Louise Ski Resort is in court for allegedly removing endangered whitebark pine trees from the land on which it operates.

Here's how to keep the government out of your bitcoin investments

Government regulators came for Coinbase, and other cryptocurrency exchanges could be next.

We asked an F-22 Raptor squadron commander if he's worried about Russia's Su-57

Russia touts its new Su-57 stealth fighter as superior to the F-22 Raptor.