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Stiglitz slams 'dishonest' Apple and ‘totally irresponsible’ Tim Cook

The European Commission’s ruling that Apple should pay Ireland billions of dollars in back taxes was neither punitive nor unfair, one of the world’s best-known economists told CNBC on Thursday.

EU's Apple ruling 'step backward' in fighting tax abuse, former IRS leader says

The European Union's fight for Apple's tax money may actually create setbacks for tax reform, a former U.S. tax authority told CNBC.

Op-Ed: The EU is foolish to go after Apple for $14.5 billion in back taxes

The EU's move to make Apple pay Ireland $14.5 billion in back taxes just shows that the UK was smart to vote to leave the EU, says Jake Novak.

Fidelity is quietly pressing the case for new student debt tax break

Fidelity has been quietly lobbying politicians in favor of a new tax break that would encourage employers to help pay off employees' student debts.

Tim Cook says Apple won't repatriate money to US 'until there's a fair rate'

Refusing to bring big profit stateside, Tim Cook says there's nothing patriotic about paying high taxes, the Apple CEO told The Washington Post.

VCs think this tax change would be a crushing blow to the economy

Both Trump and Clinton intend to end carried interest if elected president. That wouldn't just hurt the rich, it would hurt America, these VCs say.

Why a financial transactions tax would work, expert says

A financial transactions tax like the one Hillary Clinton wants could help stabilize the markets, Center for American Progress' Andy Green says.

Kevin Brady: We want to make tax filing so simple that ‘it would fit on a postcard’

House Ways & Means Chair Kevin Brady says, "Our plan will enable Americans to file their taxes on a form so straightforward it would fit on a postcard."

New tax rule could destroy millions of high-paying jobs

Proposed regulations to curb "tax inversions," will destroy jobs, make the tax code more complex and give more power to the IRS, two CEOs say.

These tax credits make land conservation practically a steal

A little-known federal incentive for land conservation lets property owners harvest tax savings of as much as 50 percent on their income.

New Jersey Assembly OKs Christie-backed gas tax raise

The legislation would set up a $2 billion-per-year transportation trust fund over the next eight years to cover road and bridge work.

Profit from Brexit's market swoon by making these moves

Watching a portion of your investment account get wiped away after the surprising Brexit vote does come with a possible silver lining.

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