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Top GOP senator: It will be 'difficult' to get key House tax proposal through Congress

Hatch and other senators have signaled they may not back border adjustment, a key provision of the House GOP tax plan.

Border-adjustment tax hurts middle class to benefit wealthy, Rep. Khanna says

The border-adjustment tax would basically be a tax on middle-class Americans and working families, Rep. Ro Khanna, D-California, told CNBC.

If you're looking for a quick Trump tax cut, think again

Donald Trump touted tax reform and gave markets a boost, but the process could still take longer than many hope.

Expect permanent revenue-neutral tax reform by summer, Sen. Rob Portman says

If tax reform is revenue neutral, it won't be subject to budget limitations so it can be permanent, the Ohio Republican tells CNBC.

GOP stalwart Steve Forbes blasts Republicans on 'crazy' border tax's $1 trillion cost to consumers

The House Republican border adjustment proposal to tax imports is "insane," says two-time GOP presidential candidate Steve Forbes.

NY Fed's Dudley sees 'a lot of unintended consequences' from border-tax plan

N.Y. Federal Reserve President Bill Dudley emerged as a critic of a "border adjustment tax" on Tuesday.

Don't expect Trump's 'tax holiday' to spur a job boom

Corporate boards and executives are likely to use much of the cash to acquire businesses in the United States, to buy back their own stock or to pay down debt.

Ho! Ho! OH NO! IRS warns people that their refunds could be delayed as holidays approach

The IRS must hold tax refunds until Feb. 15 for Americans who claim two popular tax credits, USA Today reports.

China slaps new fees on Mongolian exporters amid Dalai Lama row

A major border crossing between China and Mongolia has imposed new fees on commodity shipments, amid a diplomatic row over a visit by the Dalai Lama.

Trump may usher in 'most consequential' tax policy year since WWII, ex-Romney advisor says

A tax reform blueprint by Reps. Paul Ryan and Kevin Brady could be signed into law under Trump, economist Kevin Hassett says.

Here's why Trump's policies could cut the tax bills of US citizens abroad

Donald Trump's plan to overhaul the U.S. tax system will benefit American expats abroad, a wealth planning expert tells CNBC.

India to simplify tax system with 4-tier GST, but it’s still pretty complicated

India set out the structure of its long-awaited GST, but economists are divided on whether opting for multiple rates is a winner or not.

New rules target 'egregious tax behavior,' says Treasury's Lew

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said regulations announced Thursday are not meant to target "normal business practices."

When it comes to tax avoidance, Donald Trump’s just a small fry

A new study shows how companies have managed to shelter trillions of dollars in profits offshore from being taxed, leaving Mr. Trump in the dust.

New Jersey officials hike gas tax to fund road, rail projects

New Jersey lawmakers and Governor Chris Christie struck a $16 billion deal to fund stalled state transportation projects for the next eight years.

Eurogroup head to US: Want billion-dollar fines to stop? Sort out your taxes

"The Americans need to make sure their companies pay a fair share...and that would solve a large part of this issue," a top E.U. official told CNBC.

UK pub chain on Apple tax issue: 'I wish we could sell beer over the internet'

The founder and chairman of one of the U.K.'s leading pub chains has lambasted the current tax regime in Europe.

Former Best Buy CEO warns EU tax crackdown on Apple is just the beginning

The Former CEO of Best Buy cautioned that if the EU is going after Apple for taxes, other multinationals like Google, McDonald's and Amazon could be next.

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