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As Tallahassee turns: Latvala is defiant, accuser wants armed guard, inquiry

Tensions mount as the Senate Republican leader breaks his silence and calls out Sen. Jack Latvala for conducting ‘smear campaign’ to defend against sexual harassment claims

How a little-known 1997 sexual harassment case may serve as a warning to the

As Florida legislators are grappling with how to handle a sexual harassment case against a powerful state senator, there is little precedent and few specifics for how to proceed.

Business texts, friendly texts, heart emojis — then accusations of harassment

The attorney for Florida Sen. Jack Latvala provided the Herald/Times with copies of more than 200 text messages between Latvala and Rachel Perrin Rogers, the Senate staffer who

Secret accuser goes public in Florida Senate sexual harassment case

The Florida Senate staffer who accuses Sen. Jack Latvala of groping her has decided to go public. She works for the Senate Republican leader, who sits on the Rules Committee that

Someone’s spying on Florida legislators. Surveillance camera found at condo

Tallahassee is on edge over allegations of marital infidelity, sexual harassment or both and how it all might be used to political advantage.

Republicans ready to ‘duke it out’ over budget, ideological differences

The 2018 election, which will create open seats for governor and all three members of the state Cabinet, is expected to exacerbate feuding among Republicans that has set the tone