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NBC has some serious explaining to do

NBC seems to have blind spots when it comes to sexual misconduct, from dismissing Ronan Farrow's Harvey Weinstein story to holding the "Access Hollywood" tape.

Sex case investigations an ‘international phenomenon’

London, Los Angeles and New York polce are working to untangle an ever-growing mass of complaints against powerful men

NY Met Opera suspends famed conductor amid sexual misconduct claims

New York's Metropolitan Opera says it's suspending its relationship with longtime conductor James Levine pending an investigation into multiple allegations of sexual misconduct

Stop calling it 'The Weinstein Effect'

The way the media tells stories of sexual harassment matters, and so do the women who come forward in cases like Harvey Weinstein's.

How do you apologize when accused of sexual misconduct? In Hollywood, it runs

Harvey Weinstein blamed the '60s, Louis C.K. argued that he had asked permission and Kevin Spacey came out. But certain commonalities have emerged from the apologia chorus of men

Riley: It's time to investigate the Sexual-Abuser-In-Chief, Donald Trump

Donald Trump should not get away with behavior costing others their jobs.

‘I’m humbled and troubled — especially since I got caught.’

Matt Lauer is most sorry about the same thing Bill O’Reilly and Charlie Rose are sorry about: They got called out for sexually harassing women who worked with them, and they lost

Why companies and media organizations are taking days, not months, to act on

In the wake of Matt Lauer's firing from the "Today" show, experts say companies are largely moving faster to address allegations of sexual misconduct.

Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner face new allegations of sexual misconduct

Filmmaker Brett Ratner has long surrounded himself with powerful friends, including music mogul Russell Simmons and filmmaker James Toback, who’ve shared his playboy lifestyle. And

Outcry over sexual harassment scandals spurred them into action. Now there's a

Spurred by the spate of sexual harassment complaints, Hollywood's Women In Film advocacy group is establishing a resource center, a help line and pro bono legal help.

Louis C.K. and other disgraced Hollywood men have put hundreds out of work just

The alleged misdeeds of powerful men including Louis C.K, disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein, ‘House of Cards’ actor Kevin Spacey have not only harmed numerous victims, but upended

NBC source: No payout for Lauer on rest of his contract

NBC is standing firm against giving fired "Today" host Matt Lauer a payout on the multimillion-dollar salary he's leaving behind, according to a person at the network.

Judge says Canadian's lawsuit against Weinstein considered served

A lawsuit brought by a Ontario actress against Harvey Weinstein can be considered served even though lawyers have been unable to hand it to the disgraced Hollywood producer in

Is there a path to redemption for any of the high-profile men accused of sexual

Must every offender become a pariah, or is there room for rehabilitation — possibly even forgiveness — depending on the severity of the crime, sincerity of remorse, input from the

Sexual harassment isn't a Hollywood, tech, or media issue — it affects everyone

Toxic work cultures and industry problems are often blamed for sexual harassment, but this ignores that it can happen anywhere and be perpetrated by anyone.

Michael Moore is reportedly trying to take back his upcoming Donald Trump

In the wake of the downfall of Harvey Weinstein following sexual misconduct allegations, Michael Moore is trying to take his new documentary back.

Actor Terry Crews says the man who sexually harassed him is getting 'a pass'

"It was foul to the core, and it still shocks me,” Crews said, adding, “I will not be shamed."

Uma Thurman has a brutal Thanksgiving message for Weinstein and his 'wicked

Last month, a red carpet interview with Uma Thurman went viral after she declined to answer a question about the wave of sexual harassment claims sweeping

Actress claims Harvey Weinstein assaulted her in hotel room

An aspiring British actress tearfully described Tuesday how Harvey Weinstein in 2014 made her stand in front of a bathroom mirror and forced her to perform a sex act while

A tale of two cultures in sexual harassment claims

As the #MeToo movement continues to gather momentum following the dam break created by liberal icon Harvey Weinstein’s fall from grace, we’ve been dismayed and discouraged by the

Charlie Rose: The rise and plummet of a man who preached “character” and

“Think about what you would like to be remembered for at the end of your life,” Charlie Rose once said. “It is character. It is integrity.”

Grapevine: Uma Thurman breaks silence on Weinstein

Power pop songwriter Tommy Keene died, plus more news

Uma Thurman lashes out at Weinstein in cryptic post

Uma Thurman has wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving — everyone except disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein

Report: Weinstein paid accuser $1M after ’15 case died

A new report says Harvey Weinstein paid $1 million to silence a model who accused him of groping her

The Task Ahead for Feminism

The campaign for workplace justice has made stunning strides in a matter of weeks. But at what cost for gender politics?

There Are No Safe Spaces

A series of sexual harassment allegations has vindicated the demands of student activists.

How Our Broken Justice System Led to a Sexual HarassmentCrisis

A series of powerful men have been accused of serious crimes, with little legal accountability. Sound familiar?

The Democrats Must Nominate Another Woman for President

As sexual misconduct scandals hit Capitol Hill, it makes even more sense for the party to run a female candidate against the sexist president.

For Black Cube, a network of for-hire ex-Israeli spies, information is big money

A look at the firm of former Mossad agents that Harvey Weinstein reportedly hired to help track journalists and others.

#WomenBoycottTwitter to show support for those harassed on the social media

Spurred by the suspension of Rose McGowan's Twitter account, women are choosing not to tweet for 24 hours in protest.

With Rose McGowan's suspension, Twitter again concedes it stumbled

Rose McGowan was temporarily suspended from Twitter after several days of ferociously advocating for victims of sexual assault in the wake of the allegations against Harvey

Want to work in Hollywood? Here's the kind of nondisclosure agreements you have

Nondisclosure agreements are ubiquitous in Hollywood, but not all the agreements are the same. Some seem aimed at protecting filming locations, movie details and financial matters.

Six women accuse filmmaker Brett Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct

In interviews with the Los Angeles Times, six women – including actresses Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge — accused filmmaker Brett Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct.

200 more women share their James Toback stories after 38 accuse director of

After a story about director James Toback's alleged serial sexual harassment broke in the Los Angeles Times, the LAPD and New York District Attorney's office began fielding calls

Weinstein scandal puts nondisclosure agreements in the spotlight

The unfolding Weinstein scandal has sparked criticism that non-disclosure agreements allow powerful companies and individuals to stave off scrutiny and continue abusive practices.

Working for Harvey Weinstein was a coveted career steppingstone that came at a

The psychological toll that came with working for Oscar-wining movie producer Harvey Weinstein included verbal abuse that would sometimes turn physical, according to former

Film and TV company Miramax lays off 20 staffers in ongoing restructuring

Miramax, the onetime indie film powerhouse, has laid off 20 employees.

Can the music world learn from Hollywood?

After the Harvey Weinstein scandal, artists should reassess how they face their own scandals.

Can we pretend an artist’s conduct doesn’t matter in post-Harvey Weinstein

Times critics Justin Chang and Lorraine Ali discuss how the widespread accusations of sexual misconduct sweeping through Hollywood and beyond has changed the way they view movies

Former Boston news anchor accuses Kevin Spacey of assaulting her son, then 18,

Former Boston news anchor Heather Unruh held a press conference Wednesday, where she alleged that actor Kevin Spacey sexually assault her teenage son in 2016.

Harvey Weinstein resigns from Directors Guild of America as sex scandal grows

The disgraced movie mogul, who faces numerous accusations of sexual misconduct, has already been kicked out of the Academy, BAFTA and the Producers Guild of America.

Can former SBA head Maria Contreras-Sweet save Weinstein Co.?

Maria Contreras-Sweet, who ran the U.S. Small Business Administration from 2014 to 2017, sent a letter to the Weinstein Co. board of directors earlier this month offering to buy

Essential California: The devastation from Northern California's firestorms

Fire crews began to make slow progress against wildfires that killed least 31 people in Northern California’s wine country, as officials continued the grim search for more bodies

Why do women get all attractive if they don't want to be harassed? Glad you

Exploring the gray area that still allows people to blame women when they're sexually harassed or assaulted

Harvey Weinstein resigns from Directors Guild of America

Harvey Weinstein is no longer a member of the Directors Guild of America. A DGA representative said Weinstein resigned his membership effective Monday.

Aspiring actress details allegations against Harvey Weinstein

Aspiring actress Kadian Noble detailed how, she said, Harvey Weinstein forced her to perform a sex act in his hotel room at Cannes.

Why do men like Louis C.K. force women to watch them masturbate? Two therapists

These exhibitionists get aroused by offending people -- and by acting with impunity.

Charlie Rose apology latest in stream of inadequate acknowledgments of sexual

The forced apologies are decades overdue and mark a watershed moment and a major cultural shift. Even so, in nearly every case, the apologies themselves have fallen short, experts

‘House of Cards.’ ‘Game Change.’ Hefner biopic. Scandals shake up the lineup.

Ripples from the various scandals have already affected the upcoming Hugh Hefner biopic, “House of Cards,” “This is Us” and, strangely, the Lana Del Ray concert experience, among

Harvey Weinstein hired private spies to silence accusers, journalists, report

A new New Yorker article describes shadowy and elaborate intelligence operation Weinstein set up to suppress sexual assault allegations.

France’s Weinstein scandal is also about Islam

The downfall of Tariq Ramadan, a prominent Muslim academic accused of raping two women in France, has ignited a bitter debate over identity politics.

Harvey Weinstein, and the new Hollywood blacklist

Why did so many talented actresses see their careers stall? Because, some say, they dared to speak up

38 women accuse writer/director James Toback of sexual harassment

Writer and director James Toback, who received an Oscar nomination for writing “Bugsy,” has been accused of sexual harassment by 38 women in a report published Sunday in The Los

Boulder sex assault support hotline sees 39 percent spike in calls after

Boulder County’s Moving to End Sexual Assault organization has seen a 140 percent increase in calls to its helpline since news broke earlier this month that Harvey Weinstein was at

Ashley Judd says a ‘deal’ helped her flee Weinstein

Judd said she would submit to him only after winning an Oscar in one of his movies

Reese Witherspoon reveals sexual assault at 16

The ‘Big Little Lies’ producer revealed at the Elle Women in Hollywood event Monday that she was assaulted by a director

Motion Picture Academy expels Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein’s membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been revoked by its board

Graham: Weinstein, a culture-shaking moment for women

As more women come out against the Hollywood producer, the story’s impact is felt far beyond the reaches of Hollywood

Read Rose McGowan's speech from Women's Convention

The actress and activist spoke publicly for one of the first times since accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual harrassment

McGowan calls on #MeToos at Women’s Convention

The actress never used Harvey Weinstein's name, but she referred to "the head monster of all"

How lawyers protect the Harvey Weinsteins in workplace

Nondisclosure agreements come in a few flavors, with varying degrees of enforceability.

Reports: UK cops widen probe into Harvey Weinstein

Police are now investigating allegations against Weinstein by seven women over incidents from the 1980s to 2015

Rose McGowan says arrest warrant an attempt to silence her on Weinstein

An arrest warrant has been obtained for actress Rose McGowan for felony possession of a controlled substance.

Men who say they’re women’s allies against sexual harassment really aren’t

Even when well-meaning men think they take sexual harassment seriously, we don’t take it seriously.

Donna Karan’s apology for blaming women for sexual assault didn’t go far enough

Weeks after the clothing designer asked if women were “asking for it” as they accused Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment and assault, she apologized — kind of . . .

The wave of grimy news stories leaves me feeling slimy. And no soap can wash

From the sexual harassment cases of Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly, to President Trump’s handling of his call to a Gold Star widow, the news lately has been grungy and grubby.

Harvey Weinstein: Producers Guild enacts lifetime ban, more accusers step

The PGA has officially 'permanently barred' Harvey Weinstein from its ranks as of Monday.

Director Ava DuVernay on sexual harassment: 'Until we are all safe, no one is

Friday's Britannia Awards are the latest indication that the show will not simply go on in Hollywood.

Harvey Weinstein scandal: Actors Annabella Sciorra, Daryl Hannah make public

The two actresses are among more than 50 women who have accused the disgraced movie mogul of sexual harassment or assault.

Harvey Weinstein scandal: A complete list of the 64 accusers

A lengthy (and growing) list of all the women who have come forward against the media mogul.

Rachel McAdams, Selma Blair join women accusing James Toback of sexual

'Spotlight' and 'Legally Blonde' actresses say the director tried to lure them to his room under the guise of auditioning, like nearly 40 other women.

Montini: Sixteen lying women and … Donald Trump

The president's press secretary says that none of the women who have accused Trump of misconduct is telling the truth.

Even well-meaning men don’t take sexual harassment seriously. I need to share a

Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts shares a personal story to illustrate why sexual harassment is not taken seriously.