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Congress is planning to punt on the government shutdown deadline

Republican congressional leaders rolled out a plan to extend the government funding to December 22, to avoid a government shutdown at the end of the week.

Trump, congressional leaders set to meet with shutdown looming

The White House meeting will come just a day before Friday’s spending deadline, putting heavy pressure on both parties to find votes for a temporary spending plan.

House Republicans’ divisions threaten plans to avert government shutdown

Lawmakers are split over how long a stopgap spending bill should go, with only a week until a key deadline.

Florida, Texas lawmakers threaten government shutdown over hurricane relief

Florida and Texas lawmakers are unhappy with a $44 billion hurricane relief proposal from the White House, and they plan to band together to force congressional leaders to make

White House director for legislative affairs: Shutdown isn't likely

Speaking with ABC News' Powerhouse Politics podcast, President Donald Trump's director of legislative affairs, Marc Short, batted down the prospect of a government shutdown in the

Trump faces make-or-break meeting with congressional leaders

President Donald Trump's rocky relationship with Capitol Hill faces a crucial test Tuesday with a meeting with top Republican and Democratic congressional

Congress confronts jam-packed December with shutdown deadline looming

Congress will return to Washington, D.C., this week to confront a series of highly charged partisan issues as a deadline for extending government funding nears.

Congress faces crush of unfinished business when lawmakers return to Capitol

The crush of unfinished business facing lawmakers when they return to the Capitol would be daunting even if Washington were functioning at peak efficiency.