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How to fix the Mac's botched software update

File sharing stop working for you after installing Apple's latest security update? Here's what you need to do.

10 tips for better laptop battery life with Windows 10

Fall Creators Update makes it easier to switch between battery modes. Learn where to find the new battery slider and review traditional favorites to extend battery life.

You have been using your keyboard wrong

HOW well do you rate your typing skills? Would you say you are both fast and efficient?

5 tips for using an iPad in your kitchen

Get the most out of Apple's little sous chef.

Here's the tech you shouldn't buy on Black Friday

Make sure that deal is really a deal.

How to set up Windows Hello facial recognition on your laptop

You can log into your Window 10 laptop or tablet by looking at your webcam. Here's what you need and how to set it up.

How to hide that super annoying app dock in iOS 11's Messages app

Don't want to see a row of iMessage apps every time you open a conversation? We don't blame you.

Everything you need to know about iOS 11 in one place

Bookmark this page and come back often.

Get the most out of the new Files app on iOS 11

One app, all of your files across multiple cloud storage services -- that's Files on iOS 11.

Apple added some much-needed features to iOS 11's screenshot tools

Screenshots are now much easier to edit and share.

Your PC probably has spatial sound and it's awesome

If you've updated your Windows 10 computer recently, then it supports 3D spatial sound. Learn what it does and how to set it up.

Protect your PC with Windows 10's antiransomware tool

Enable the new antiransomware protection in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to lower the odds of becoming a victim of the next ransomware attack.

Stuck key? Learn the right way to clean your MacBook's keyboard

The butterfly keyboard on Apple's latest MacBook and MacBook Pro models can put you in a sticky situation.

Save space with OneDrive's new feature

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update adds OneDrive Files On-Demand that lets you keep closer tabs on your files in Microsoft's cloud.

There's an extra step before selling MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

We explain the step you need to know about.

5 reasons to use Edge in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Microsoft continues to woo Chrome users.

Get the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update right now

Fall is in the air. The days are shorter, the weather is cooler and a new version of Windows is here.

How to get the new Google Calendar web version right now

The Google Calendar web app just received the long-awaited Material Design refresh. Here's how to get it.

How to fix the MacOS High Sierra root password bug

A bug in MacOS High Sierra allowed anyone to log into your Mac without a password. Apple has now issued a fix.

Fix for Apple's MacOS root password flaw is here

Apple issues the update Wednesday morning and computers will be automatically installing it by end of day.

Microsoft's testing a big change for Windows 10 called Sets

The tech giant's rolling out a big feature to beta testers that's so new, the company's not even sure whether it'll work.

Get an HP Pavilion Wave desktop PC for $269.99

Finally, a desktop that IMPROVES your decor.

The best Black Friday doors-opening footage you'll see today

Commentary: In a UK electronics store, they were ready for the rush. What happened was quite something.

Company’s clever iPad hack adds useful camera button

“WHILE Apple is taking away buttons, we found a way to add one.”

Apple’s sneaky move while you were distracted

IMMEDIATELY following Apple’s annual flagship event there was heavy discussion about the company’s new range of products, which included the highly anticipated iPhone X.

Apple attempts to tackle the problem with tablets

SOME of the world’s biggest technology companies are facing an unusual and costly problem: their products are proving too good to replace.

Review: The best and worst features of the iPad Pro 10.5

IT is bigger, faster, better and easier to use. But the real reason you will eventually want to buy Apple’s newest iPad hasn’t happened yet.

Consumers have been demanding iPad innovation — and Apple have just delivered

FOR years Apple has talked about the iPad as being the device to make people ditch their laptop.

Microsoft Surface gets battery boost, better viewing angles

MICROSOFT is refreshing its Surface Pro tablet with longer battery life and faster processors.

iPad Mini became victim of “fierce cannibalism of our own products”

THE iPad’s little brother might not be long for this world. It has had a good run but today many are readying to write its epitaph.

Apple turning stores into gadget education centres

THOSE frustrating phone calls from tech-challenged relatives could be a thing of the past with Apple unveiling a new program to help people understand how to use their gadgets.

From swearing faces to zombies and naked people: Meet the new emoji

THERE is a swag of new emoji coming to a smartphone near you and they range from the perfect sweary face to the ideal emoji to use in a zombie apocalypse.

The one thing to know about Apple’s iOS 10.3 update out now

APPLE has today released the iOS 10.3 update for iPhone and iPads but there is one question consumers need to ask themselves before they hit install: have you got the time?

Apple’s secret gadget to turn iPhone and iPad into a full computer

APPLE has a simple plan to turn your iPhone or iPad into a new type of MacBook that is possibly Apple’s smartest, and dumbest, computer ever.

No fuss: The strategy behind Apple’s new iPad

APPLE announced a new iPad overnight with one big difference — that difference being in the way it announced it, rather than the iPad itself.

Apple’s quandary on iPad future as consumers cling loyally to ageing tablets

IT is the one Apple gadget that everybody loves but nobody is willing to buy.

Rugged and ready: 5 tough gadgets ready for adventure

WHETHER you’re off on that great road trip or roughing it for a weekend of camping, your gadgets should be able to cope with the conditions.

The best bags for taking your gadgets on the go

TECH bags have come along way from the very standard, and very ugly, black briefcase with a section for a laptop.