TYRELL Cobb’s last evening in the Gold Coast house where he died haunts Bradley and Danial Allan. Exactly what killed the brothers’ adored nephew Tyrell may never be determined and is the subject of court hearings after the four-year-old’s mother Heidi Strbak pleaded guilty to manslaughter. But what happened in the space of 45 minutes while Tyrell was in the care of his stepfather Matthew Scown still deeply disturbs the boy’s uncles. As Danial Allan describes it, he left a sleepy Tyrell tucked up in bed and returned to find his nephew’s body lying in the hallway. And now Scown — the man who was photographed grinning on his way out of court and laughing openly after a plea deal saw his early release from prison for Tyrell’s manslaughter — has turned Crown witness. With Tyrell’s mother in a jail cell awaiting a prison sentence, his grieving uncles are standing up for the boy whose grave they still visit with balloons and flowers. “If Heidi had done it, we wouldn’t have anything to do with her,” Bradley told news.com.au in an exclusive interview. “I wouldn’t have her back if she had anything at all to do with it, but Heidi is being thrown under the bus. “As I said after Tyrell died, I don’t care who it is, I just want to know who has done this.” As Danial put it: “I just want justice for my mate. “He called us Uncle Danny and Uncle Braddy. Danial and Bradley Allan, the grieving uncles of Tyrell Cobb, 4, who died after being left in a house with ‘grin reaper’ Matthew Scown. Picture: SuppliedSource:news.com.au Tyrell Cobb, above, with his uncle Bradley, was a happy little boy adored by his family which has been torn apart by his death. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied A laughing Matthew Scown after a deal got him early release from prison and the nickname, ‘the grin reaper”. Picture: Dave HuntSource:AAP “He loved dinosaurs. His favourite [TV series] The Land Before Time creature was Chomper. “The only thing I want out of this is justice for Tyrell.” Both the Allan brothers and their stepsister, Strbak, have received death threats. Speaking from a location they prefer is kept secret, the brothers have decided to reveal for the first time what went on inside their