Can we cut the hand-wringy, first-offender baloney with Rob Gronkowski? Can we eliminate any and all discussions about how the Patriots’ best-of-his-era-if-not-all-time-greatest tight end is a likable guy who says funny things and has an easy, broey rapport with just about everyone he meets? And for the love of God, let’s cease with the Power Point Presentation about how unfairly Gronk was treated this past Sunday by his hometown Buffalo Bills, who subjected the poor fella to all kinds of desperate grabs and clutches. The only thing the Bills didn’t do was strap Gronk to a chair and make him watch “Daddy’s Home 2,” which, I hear, was cued up and ready to go had the game gone to overtime. All that matters here is that Gronkowski’s after-the-whistle, WWE-like hit on the Bills’ Tre’Davious White was a cheap shot of such magnitude that to window-dress it with testimonials about good-guy status and a lack of priors does a disservice to every NFL player who puts his health on the line every time he straps on the shoulder pads. Late Monday Gronkowski was suspended for one game, meaning he will miss next Monday night’s fun and easy victory over the Dolphins in Miami. One game. He got off easy. Ridiculously, shockingly easy. Anyone who watches professional football — and millions upon millions of us do, and with great fervor — has undoubtedly made a bargain with the brutal, barbaric nature of the game. Before continuing, it’s important that we agree on that. Brutal. Barbaric. Right? Where we make the bargain is in recognizing that the players, too, understand the harsh realities of football. There’s a line in the film “Airplane” in which a character tricked out as a knockoff of the late conservative commentator James J. Kilpatrick says, “They bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into. I say, let ‘em crash.” Save for the part about anyone wanting professional football players to “crash,” it’s a very funny line that fits nicely with this very serious topic. The players do know what they’re getting into, and that’s our guilt-free pass. It allows us to watch the games without feeling we’re contributing to a player’s daily dalliance with everything from