After first announcing Apple Pay Cash at WWDC last summer, the feature appears to be soft-launching, allowing users to send and receive money with fellow iMessage users. We've confirmed the rollout to at least one iPhone user, and the Apple Support Twitter account said that an official launch is still to come next week. Similar to Square Cash or Venmo, Apple Pay Cash is a peer-to-peer system that makes paying a friend back, or potentially paying rent to your landlord, just a few taps away. In addition to quickly paying someone, Apple Pay Cash also puts a digital card on your iPhone or Apple Watch to make physical purchases. It's pretty slick.  Over the weekend, Apple released iOS 11.2 to fix a bug related to the date. The release notes stated the update also included Apple Pay Cash, but until Monday morning, the feature was nowhere to be found. For anyone that does receive the feature early, you can turn it on by going to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay.  Here's everything you need to know about the new payment platform. Now Playing: Watch this: Send money using Apple Pay Cash 1:40 Requirements To use Apple Pay Cash you will need to have an iOS device with iOS 11.2 installed, live in the US and have two-factor authentication enabled on your Apple ID account. Additionally, you will need to have a debit or credit card added to the Wallet app for use with Apple Pay. Enable two-factor authentication in Settings > iCloud (top of the settings app, where your name is) > Password & Security > Two-factor Authentication and follow the prompts. Add a credit or debit card to the Wallet app by opening Wallet and selecting the "+" sign in the top-right corner. Scan your card and enter the requested information when prompted. Initial setup Setting up Apple Pay Cash lets you send and receive money over iMessage. After installing iOS 11.2, the first time you launch the Messages app you may be greeted with a message letting you know Apple Pay Cash is now available on your device. Tap Continue, agree to the terms and wait for Apple to create your digital Apple Pay Cash card. If you don't see the prompt, you can manually trigger the setup process in Settings > Wallet &