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The ZTE Axon M is on sale for $525 at Best Buy

Here's your best shot to get the dual-screen phone for less.

Apple's AirPods may be twice as popular in 2018

Apple may ship 28 million units in 2018, says Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple Pay Cash hits iPhones next week

The Venmo-like money service will roll out to iOS devices next week.

Everything you need to know about Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash makes sending or requesting money almost too easy.

Gabelli says media mergers are in the air: 'Scale up' is new mantra

The value investor shares an idea on CNBC's Closing Bell

'My First Phone': We look back at our first phones

It's been nearly 25 years since the first smartphone debuted. So we reminisced about our own first phones.

How to wipe your phone the right way

Wipe your personal data from a mobile device the right way before trading up to a new model.

Facebook newest Messenger app aims to connect parents and their young kids

The social network has created a version of Messenger for younger users. But it has to avoid the the kind of abuse that YouTube Kids has suffered.

OMG! Texting is 25 years old

The first SMS was sent on Dec. 3, 1994, but it would be a couple of years before phones could do it.

This easy iPhone hack could save your kid’s life

NOT trying to be sensationalist — this hack really is essential for every kid to know.

What the first ever text message said

IF YOU ever need evidence of how quickly technology has advanced, just think about the fact the first text message ever was sent just 25 years ago.

I went to buy an iPhone X. T-Mobile told me it wasn't worth it

Commentary: A visit to a T-Mobile store reveals some very particular feelings about Apple's new phone.

I've seen the future of mobile payments, and it's in London

The US still feels half-broken when it comes to mobile payments. The UK, on the other hand? Far better.

A non-profit is helping ex-convicts land job as Silicon Valley programmers

Seven months ago, Chris Schuhmacher was serving out the tail-end of a 17-year murder sentence. Now he's a professional coder.

Apple's iOS 11.2 update adds Apple Pay Cash, faster wireless charging

Need to pay back a friend? You'll be able to use iMessage for that soon.

A Samsung patent imagines 'palm reading' on its phones

The biometric method may help retrieve forgotten passwords.

Every iPhone X is not created equal, new study says

When its signal is weak, iPhone X models with Qualcomm hardware show faster speeds than models with Intel hardware, a new study found.

Get a Vantrue N3 dashcam and backup camera for $85

It's two, two, two cameras for the price of one

The legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm just went retro

Qualcomm owns several patents related to Palm and webOS, and is using it in its legal attack.

5 ways to make your Amazon Fire tablet better

Watch iTunes movies on it, for starters.

Qualcomm seeks ban on sales of Intel-based iPhone X in US

Legal filing with ITC is the latest move in a heated patent infringement battle between Apple and its key chip supplier.

Google’s fix to $259m mobile data rort

IF YOU’RE one of those people who frequently goes over their data cap, Google has released a free app which might help you better manage your mobile data and save money.

Google accused of collecting data on iPhone users

A CONSUMER activist has launched a lawsuit accusing Google of illegally collecting data on more than five million iPhone users, that could lead to a payout reaching into the

UK cyber agency targets Kaspersky in warning on Russian software

Britain's main cyber security agency on Friday warned British government agencies to avoid using anti-virus software from Russian companies.

Tax reform winners: Experts name their top stock picks

Matrix Advisors' David Katz and Washington Crossing Advisors' Chad Morganlander name their top picks if tax reform passes.

Stripe poaches Google's smartwatch boss

Silicon Valley payments start-up Stripe has hired David Singleton to be its new head of engineering, the company confirmed to CNBC.

Buy Apple because iPhone X will lead to a ‘super long cycle’ for the company,

Piper Jaffray reiterates its overweight rating for Apple, predicting it will benefit from rolling out iPhone X's features to other models.

Peter Thiel's powerful tech network reportedly predates PayPal and goes back to

Peter's Thiel's network from the Stanford Review is older and potentially more powerful than the "PayPal mafia," according to a report.

YouTube responds to the social 'stories' trend from Snapchat with a new product

YouTube is hopping onto the popular "stories" bandwagon

Avis tests fully connected wireless car fleet in Kansas City

Nov 30- Avis Budget Group Inc said on Thursday it has launched in the Kansas City, Missouri, area its first fleet of cars that are fully connected to the internet, other vehicles,

Facebook to eliminate fees on donations to charitable causes

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will stop charging fees on donations to charitable organizations.

Repealing net neutrality would hasten the death of an already dying internet

The freewheeling internet has been dying, and a vote next month by the FCC to undo net neutrality would be the final pillow in its face, NYT reports.

Huawei Watch 2 review: a fitness focus that falls flat

Huawei’s latest smartwatch is a departure from the fashion-forward original

Android Wear 2.0 review: Google's second swing at smartwatches

Are you wearing a smartwatch? Not likely. Despite the fact that modern wrist computers have been available for over three years, most people have not found them to be as desirable

How to force close apps on the iPhone X

The process is similar to previous iOS devices, with a minor change.

Black Friday 2017 might come when you don't expect it

Killer deals are already here in some stores. Here's when Black Friday starts -- and it's not necessarily the day after Thanksgiving.

11 Apple AirPod tips because you never read the manual

There's more to the tiny wireless earbuds than meets the eye. Here's how to get the most out of your AirPods, and a few things you may not know.

Having trouble with Face ID and sunglasses? Try this

Face ID is designed to work with sunglasses, but it's not perfect.