Three Fairbanks-grown skiers proved a potent combination at the Alaska Nordic Cup relay race Sunday at Kincaid Park. Becca Rorabaugh, Reese Hanneman and Logan Hanneman, all successful skiers in Fairbanks before joining the Alaska Pacific ski team in Anchorage, teamed up with Rosie Frankowski, an APU skier from Minnesota, to win the 4×5-kilometer freestyle relay. They combined for a time of 61 minutes, 41.2 seconds, to sail past the rest of the field. Three minutes behind them, a pair of teams battled it out for second place. The team of Lydia Blanchet, Taryn Hunt-Smith, Forrest Mahlen and Dawson Knopp edged UAA's top team by three seconds to take runner-up honors in 64:39.8. Third place went to UAA's Marte Hakenstad-Braten, Hailey Swirbul, Tracen Knopp andToomas Kollo in 64:42.8. In fourth place with a time of 64:59.5 was the UAF team of Anna Darnell, Ann-Cathrin Uhl, Jan Cech and Arnaud Guyon. The relay race was part of a two-day competition between UAA and UAF, although other skiers participated. Based on combined results from Saturday's classic races at Hatcher Pass and Sunday's relay, the Seawolves claimed the team victory by a margin of more than six minutes. 4×5-kilometer freestyle relay 1) Becca Rorabaugh, Rosie Frankowski, Reese Hanneman, Logan Hanneman, 61:41.2; 2) Lydia Blanchet, Taryn Hunt-Smith, Forrest Mahlen, Dawson Knopp, 64:39.8; 3) Marte Hakenstad-Braten, Hailey Swirbul, Tracen Knopp, Toomas Kollo, 64:42.8; 4) Anna Darnell, Ann-Cathrin Uhl, Jan Cech, Arnaud Guyon, 64:59.5; 5) Hannah Halverson, Aubrey LeClair, Hunter Wonders, Luke Jager, 65:15.3; 6) Casey Wright, Hannah Rudd, Zackarias Torreson, Marcus Deuling, 66:21.0; 7) Anja Maijala, Hannah Deuling, Seiji Takagi, Max Donaldson, 66:28.7; 8) Molly Gellert, Caitlin Gohr, Eli Hermanson, Gus Schumacher, 66:49.3; 9) Sadie Fox, Michaela Keller-Miller, Brandon Herhusky, Alex Eckert, 67:26.5; 10) Jenna Difolco, Lupua Oba, Nick Lovett, Luk Platil, 70:29.6; 11) Garvie Tobin, Ellie Mitchell, Everett Cason, Caleb Rauch, 76:24.4; 12) Aurelie Barnel, Julie Hood, Dan Libbey, Jeremy Littell, 83:51.0.