Vincent Kriechmayr of Austria found his moment in the sun. It peeked out through the clouds just in time for his first World Cup win. Kriechmayr proficiently navigated a bumpy super-G course on Friday in good light conditions while many others struggled in the uneven light that bathed the hill. Erik Guay doesn't want an Olympic medal 'to be the one that got away' He finished in a time of 1 minute, 9.71 seconds to beat Kjetil Jansrud of Norway by 0.23 seconds. Kriechmayr's teammate Hannes Reichelt finished third. "Of course, the weather god was with me," Kriechmayr said. "I had a really good view. Everything looked perfect for me." Dustin Cook was the top Canadian, posting a time of 1:11.30 for 20th place. James Crawford (1:11.85) was 32nd and Brodie Seger (1:12.63) finished 51st to round out the Canadians in the field.  FIS World Cup Alpine Skiing - Men's Super G in Beaver Creek2:32:10 It certainly was a lights-out performance for the 26-year-old Kriechmayr, who made few mistakes on a challenging hill. Kriechmayr was the third skier to take the course and glided through the top portion about as well as he could in rather sunny conditions. He made a slight mistake near the bottom and didn't know if that would come back to cost him. He anxiously waited to see if his time might indeed hold up. As the sun continued to move in and out of the clouds — 16 racers didn't finish — he thought the best shot to knock him from the top spot would be Jansrud at No. 15. "After Kjetil, I knew it was fast enough for a podium and fast enough for a victory," Kriechmayr said. As for the changing lighting conditions, hey, that's just racing. Course was 'rattle-y under foot' "This is an outdoor sport," said Jansrud, who won the season opening super-G last weekend in Lake Louise. "The weather is going to vary. I don't think I got the worst light or the best light. The course setting, together with the snow conditions, made it a little rattle-y under foot. "Kriechmayr, this might be his catalyst to start winning. He's skiing very fast. ... Hats off to Hannes. You know if he skis fast in the early season, he's going to be extremely tough to beat in January and February. Those are