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I'll never ask a psychic for dating advice again

My life had finally come to this, seeking the guidance of a paranormal seer. I had become the type of guy that I used to mock.

I blame Harry Potter for my nightmare date

Why, God? Why did I meet someone who was seemingly the man of my dreams, only to find out that we had starkly different beliefs?

It took all of my courage to say, 'I have herpes'

It took all the courage I had to tell him I had herpes. He was appropriately thankful for my honesty and then… he ghosted me.

L.A. Affairs submission guidelines

We publish first-person essays about dating today in Los Angeles. Here's how to contribute (and get paid for it).

I'm a black woman. He's a white guy with a pickup truck. Here's what happened

Whenever we went somewhere with a lot of black people in attendance, I got the side eye from some of them. I understood. My dating outside the race was seen as a betrayal.

Hey, remember me? I made out with you already

There are a lot of familiar faces when you head to the Abbey in West Hollywood on a Saturday night. Trust me.

The very first date I went on after my husband died

I kept thinking: 'Did I just meet the perfect guy for me on'

I'm 87, he's 93. It’s not too late for love

We hope for at least five or ten years together. Whatever, we have today, and today is wonderful!

I was the other woman, and I got the wake up call I needed

I ran away from every realistic relationship opportunity because I was scared to death of not being enough for a lasting partner.

I became the Worst. Girlfriend. Ever — so he'd break up with me

When I suggested that maybe I wasn’t the right person for him, he was set on convincing me I was wrong.

I finally figured out why I always fell for the 'bad boy' unavailable types

Being bisexual didn't make dating easier for me. It made it harder.

How we hid our steamy love affair from co-workers at the Getty museum

We were young and in love -- and hiding it from our co-workers at the Getty.

I watched the sun set on my Sunset Boulevard romance

I wonder to this day if the romance would’ve blossomed as easily without the Sunset Boulevard proximity.

I got catfished on a dating app, but there are other fish in the sea

Dating in Los Angeles is hard due to the small pool of tolerable humans. This is basically scientific fact.

What I learned from the classic college hook-up culture at USC

Scared, twenty-year-old boy? Sure. Ill-intended Los Angeles player? Definitely not.

Why I have a fear of falling... in love

I see how my mother cares for my ailing father. Can I promise anything close to that level of devotion?

I found love at a neighbor's wake

I told her I couldn't be a stalker because I lived across the street from her dad for 10 years.

I told myself I was going to AA meetings to meet guys

While there, I confronted the fact that this party girl was a self-destructive binge drinker.

I met the love of my life — and I thought he was a total jerk

Putting myself out there was as frightening as those damn yoga headstands everyone else kicked into so gracefully.

Best advice I ever got for dating a guy with kids: Be like a cat, not a dog

I had wanted a partner, but one with kids? Um... I'd never wanted my own.

I told her that I didn't have a car. She told me, 'Goodbye'

This is what it's like trying to date in Los Angeles when you don't have a car.

Why I broke up with the man who seemed to be my soul mate

Some matches are made in heaven. Others are found in L.A. traffic.

Here are four things I learned from loving a taker

They will break even the strongest of people. Be careful of who you love.

He was my one-night stand. And I wish it had stayed that way

Women are all-too-familiar with the guy who just wants sex. But this was a new type of con.

She 'ghosted' me. Twice

Why is it so hard to just say, "Thanks, but I'm not interested"?

I was 55, gay and worried: Why would anyone want to date me?

How I healed my battered psyche, and got back to dating.

Please stop asking me if each new guy I date is ‘The One’

No, my latest date isn't "The One." He doesn't have to be, either. I'm perfectly happy as a single, dating woman in my 30s.

We found out we had something unusual in common on our first date

We both lost our parents at a young age, an eerie coincidence that helped bond us to each other.

I tried to break it off nicely. But he held a grudge

Our breakup was relatively civil. But then we ran into each other in a comedy writing class in Los Angeles, and there was nothing funny about our encounter.

I fell in love on a singles bike ride — on Valentine's Day!

I was very happy in my work as an RN seeing patients at their homes in and around Los Angeles. And I had more than enough wonderful friends and family too. But

Pentagon will pay for gender transition surgery for an active-duty soldier

The patient is an infantry soldier who fought in Afghanistan and identifies as a woman.

Smoking dope doesn't seem to hurt your sex life

People who use marijuana have sex a little more often than people who don't smoke pot. If you believe what they say.

Here's how many people use condoms

A third of men and a quarter of U.S. women use condoms when they have sex, a CDC survey finds.

An unexpected side benefit from vaccinating teens — protection against gonorrhea

A mass vaccination campaign against meningitis in New Zealand had an unexpected side-effect — it helped protect people against gonorrhea, too.

Did men evolve to be mean to women?

Sexual aggression may have evolved in primates long ago. A new study of baboons shows males harass females and get rewarded with sex.

Waiting for the right one? Teens are having sex later, CDC finds

Rates of teen sex have declined after being stable between 2002-2010, CDC study finds

Not everyone’s hooking up, but teens think they are

Young Americans are fascinated by "hooking up" and think it's OK to call girls "ho," a new report finds.

Study: Taking abortion pill at home as safe as in a clinic

Woman can safely take abortions pills at home, with a little online guidance, a new study finds.

Trump's HHS will reconsider Obamacare's birth control mandate

The Trump administration, fresh off an anti-ACA victory, plans to target another controversial provision of the law: the birth control mandate.

What is 'stealthing'?: Disturbing sexual practice detailed in new report

A law journal defines 'stealthing' as when a person removes a condom without their partner's consent, according to a new report.