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Kerry Washington: How About Kamala Harris For First Female President Of Color?

Not this year, the "Scandal" star said, but maybe in four more.

The Reason We Waste So Much Food Is Because We Love Our Families Too Much

We show our affection for loved ones by cooking too much food. And it's destroying the planet.

An Open Letter To The Tech Industry

An open letter to the tech industry in San Francisco and Silicon Valley Facebook, Google, Microsoft: Here's why you should follow Apple...

Juror In Brock Turner Case Slams Judge: 'Shame On You'

“Justice has not been served in this case.”

Californians With Terminal Illness Now Have The Right To Die On Their Own Terms

The law was inspired by Brittany Maynard, who moved to Oregon to end her own life.

Hillary Clinton Wins California Primary, Routing Bernie Sanders

Both Clinton and Sanders had campaigned heavily in the state.

No Matter What Happens, The Next Senator From California Will Be A Woman Of Color

Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez, both Democrats, are set to face off in November's general election.

Ronald Reagan's Son: I'm Not Voting For Trump And Neither Would My Dad

Michael Reagan said Trump is the first GOP presidential candidate his father wouldn't support.

Are Drought Truthers The New Climate Change Deniers?

Donald Trump's denial of the California drought flies in the face of science, but it could gain traction.

The Hidden Cost Of Cheap Pizza

Sorry to say it, but America's favorite comfort food is anti-worker.

Why Eating Better Starts With Changing Our Work Habits

Our American culture of overworking is contributing to our diet-related problems. But that could be changing.

It's Disturbingly Common For Americans To Go Days Without Safe Drinking Water

The systems responsible for delivering water to homes and business are decaying faster than we can fix them.

Million-Dollar Homes Are Taking Over These Cities At An Alarming Pace

Good luck buying a starter home, or pretty much any home, in the Bay Area.

House GOP Is Determined To Make It Harder For Poor Kids To Get Free School Lunches

A House committee approved a controversial change to the way low-income children would qualify.

Nancy Pelosi Was One Question Away From Not Running For Congress

The Democratic leader opened up to her daughter Alexandra about motherhood and politics.

5 Hunger Strikers Hospitalized 16 Days Into Protest Against SF Police

Since April 21, the protesters have survived on liquids like coconut water and cups of broth.

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