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Sharing family history means the good and the bad

New-found cousin deserves to know his great-grandfather was a wife beater.

Carolyn Hax: A road to happiness or a bridge too far?

She’s never made a move for a relationship, but this relationship has her contemplating.

Carolyn Hax: An introvert’s in-laws are moving across the street. What can she

Her husband’s parents and siblings already visit with one another several times a week.

Hax Philes: After retiring out of the big city, what happens next?

What are your thoughts? Post in the comments.

Carolyn Hax: When loved ones act like they don’t give a lump of coal

One woman’s husband just doesn’t care about the holidays, but feels guilty about the notion of abandoning them altogether.

Tales from the Front: How ex is your ex?

Back in prehistoric days when nice girls married their first sweetheart, there were no ex-boyfriends, let alone ex-husbands. But today, when people

Tales from the front: How I knew it was over ...

Love might announce itself with roses, violins and heavenly choirs of angels. But when it’s over, the announcement may come in the form of a

Carolyn Hax: How the Gram bought Christmas

She buys excessive gifts, but Mom can instill her own values the other 364 days of the year.

Follow these recipes for maintaining family harmony

Divorced dads needn’t put their kids on the back burner when they move on; a wife may need to let off steam in the kitchen.

Carolyn Hax: Fears that a second kid would ruin their perfect life

The inner life that you are negating means it’s already imperfect.

Carolyn Hax: The body-shaming guest is the elephant in the room

Let her know in no uncertain terms that her inappropriate comments are not appreciated.