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Woman Ordered to remove hijab at McDonald's in London

A 19-year-old in the UK is alleging that she was denied service at a McDonald's in Holloway, London, because she was wearing a Muslim hijab. In a video of the

A British supermarket is selling expired products to combat waste

A pantry, dark and dusty, can so often be a place where canned goods, bought with good intent and possibility, are forgotten. Abandoned in a cobwebbed corner

Taco Bell is testing 'California burritos' made with French fries

Taco Bell has started testing out a burrito inspired by a California tradition in one lucky location. Taco Bell customers in Charleston, West Virginia, are

Golden Krust Bakery founder Lowell Hawthorne reportedly commits suicide in

Lowell Hawthorne, the 57-year-old founder and chief executive of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill, died this week in his New York factory, reportedly of a

Avocado police protect crops, farmers in Mexico

Increasing demand for avocados has been great for producers, but it has also brought problms On the one hand, increased demand and higher prices means a lot

'Saturday Night Live' is making its own wine now

Saturday Night Live has found a way to make even more money from all the people hanging out at home on Saturday night, drinking wine and

Judge says Starbucks cannot close 77 Teavana stores in malls

Fans of Teavana may still be able to drop by their local mall to pick up a Caramel Chai or a tin of CocoCaramel Sea Salt tea for a little while longer, because

Best no-stress pie crust: The roll and fold method

After years of false starts and soggy pies, results are in. The best pie pastry is simply toss, roll and fold.

Holiday heroes: Herbs and spices turn standard Thanksgiving menu into olfactory

Many of the enticing aromas of Thanksgiving are due to some behind-the-scenes ingredients -- we're not talking turkey. The unsung heroes of the holiday table

Countdown to calm: Timetable will make you a happy host on Thanksgiving

Cooking at Thanksgiving is supposed to be a joyous time, full of nurturing love for family and friends, marked by renewed appreciation for our good fortune and

Dry bird? How to keep it juicy

Giving a turkey a pre-roast milk bath has to be one of the more unusual ways to achieve that most elusive Thanksgiving treat: A moist bird. But that's what chef

Turkey day classics: Sometimes old recipes are simply the best

In the newspaper biz, it's all about the new, the different, the unusual. Even on the food pages.

Nostalgic flavors inspire Holiday Cookie Contest winners

Despite the shift online, from new videos submissions to voting, the first-place cookie entry was still handwritten, then mailed in no less. Presenting the top three winners of the

It's casserole season — celebrate with a humble bean gratin you'll brag about

Bean gratin is a skillet of white beans, stewed with carrots and garlic, huddled under a breadcrumb crunch. Not fancy, but fantastically satisfying.

Thanksgiving goes back to the traditional — with some flavor twists

This year, after quite frankly what’s been one of the most divisive years in our lifetimes, we wanted traditional Thanksgiving recipes, with a nod to indigenous and immigrant

What to do when family heirloom recipes call for processed cheese? Give thanks.

Sure, you could change the casserole, but then it wouldn’t be our casserole; and without that casserole, would it really be Thanksgiving?

Coconut, star of many food trends, bakes up beautifully in pound cake

Coconut pound cake bakes up moist and aromatic, with a dense, fine-grain crumb.

Swiss potato pancakes are all about that flip

Rosti, the national pancake of Switzerland, is one big fat Frisbee that crisps up with ease, using just two ingredients.

Here's the best ramen in Chicago — and you'll probably never try it

The best ramen in Chicago is probably made by a 20-something in Buena Park.

Rehabilitating the caramel apple's bruised reputation for Halloween DIY parties

Rehabilitating the caramel apple's bruised reputation: First, razor blades, then listeria. A warm caramel apple straight out of the pan, though, is a delight.

Duck in butter and wine sauce: Sounds fancy, but it's super easy

Seared duck breast with a wine-butter-shallot sauce makes an easy, yet elegant, fall dinner.

Waffle House customer made his own meal while sole employee slept

After a night of drinking, it's almost vital to consume carbohydrates. So when intoxicated Alex Bowen walked into a Waffle House West Columbia, South Carolina

Chipotle has quietly changed its queso recipe after negative customer reviews

In September, Chipotle rolled out its very own all-natural queso. Based on the mixed customer reviews, the product didn't quite live up to initial

Beyoncé Has a Beer Named After Her Called Biëryoncé

A female-run microbrewery in Brooklyn has rereleased a craft beer in honor of the queen herself - Beyoncé, that is. "Biëryoncé" is a pilsner that packs 5

Burger King's Flamin' Hot Mac n' Cheetos have set Twitter users on fire with joy

Although they tried to get away with only selling their Flamin' Hot Mac N' Cheetos sticks in the frozen aisle of some supermarkets, Burger King finally had to

6 reasons to visit Nicaragua's Rancho Santana Resort

Travelers "in the know" can affirm that Nicaragua is becoming one of the hottest Central American destinations for culinary and luxury travel. Those in search

Chocolate a heavenly work of art at La Maison du Chocolat

There are many ways to enjoy chocolate. You can drizzle it on your ice cream, shave it from a block, or mindlessly take bite after bite from your favorite bar.

Search for Chicago's best cacio e pepe leads down untraditional paths

Though a traditionally simple dish, cacio e pepe has inspired Chicago chefs to create unusual, distinctive additions.

What to do with fall pears: Poach in wine, stick into an almond tart

Red-wine poached pears pop up in an almond tart, a perfect fall pastry.

One week left to enter Holiday Cookie Contest

This cheesecake bar is made with white chocolate and swirled with cranberries flavored with orange juice, sugar, orange zest, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Fall colors enliven salads, plus savory pull-apart bread you need to make now

For fall salads, think fall colors: Red from radicchio and red grapes; greens from spinach and peppery arugula; golds from corn and sauteed onions.

Salmon with creamed greens updates an '80s icon

The '80s dish salmon and sorrel still clings to menus, but it's dated. This bolder version is punctuated with lemon, pepper and garlic.

Holiday Cookie Contest: Start your ovens, and bring home some dough!

Calling all Chicago-area cookie bakers! It's time for the Chicago Tribune's annual Holiday Cookie Contest. Submissions begin Wednesday online.

Ugly Food Rescue: Matthias Merges turns banged-up corn, tomatoes into great

Matthias Merges takes the "Ugly Food Rescue" challenge, turning banged-up peaches, slightly blemished corn and blemished tomatoes into two stellar pasta dishes.

How to get stuffed peppers right — the peppers, the sauce, the filling

Stuffed peppers often disappoint: undercooked peppers, crunchy rice and bland fillings.

Peaches overripe? Pastry chef Dana Cree's Ugly Food Rescue: Sherbet

Pastry Chef Dana Cree makes sherbet with overipe farmers market peaches

Simplest corn soup recipe you will ever make

With just one ingredient (aside from water and salt), this corn soup is as simple as dump, stir and simmer.

How to whip up a cheese souffle that won't fall (well, it will, but that's

Souffles, besides being delicious and deceptively easy to pull off, are totally old school, classy with a delicate strength, like Audrey Hepburn in a ramekin.