(Washington Post illustration of BigStockPhoto and iStockphoto) To most sellers and their agents, using social media means sharing their property website or Zillow link with their friends and family. Unless it is shared among thousands of friends or goes viral, this will only go as far as their limited sphere of influence. Only a decade ago, real estate agents had all the influence to show the homes they wanted buyers to see. Upon the arrival of Zillow, Realtor.com and other third party websites, buyers suddenly started finding homes on their own and a big portion of the job of a  buyer’s agent was done for them. Sellers now need to look for more innovative ways to set their homes apart from the competition. This can be done easily with social media. Here are five ways sellers (and their agents) can use social media to sell their home faster and for more money: • Targeted demographics: You’ll want to ensure the agent you choose has a current Facebook business page, as they’ll need the page to run any form of advertising. Facebook and Instagram use third-party data companies to know who is likely to move. It’s like when you’re shopping for something on Amazon. If you browse a specific product, but don’t buy it, at some point when you go back to Facebook there will be an ad reminding you that you forgot to purchase it. These are your Internet browsing cookies at work. [Tomorrow’s smart homes call for integrating technology into the dwelling, not adding it on] Facebook knows that a buyer is likely to move based on their Internet browsing activity. Facebook also knows their household income so your agent can show your property ad to likely-to-move buyers who earn enough to qualify for a mortgage. • Video: Pictures are often not enough to stand out on social media. Full video tours will get your home in front of the most buyers, for the least price. Google owns YouTube, and Facebook wants to compete for your attention with video. This will be the most cost-efficient way to get your home in front of thousands of buyers. Your agent can also use Facebook Live from your open house and immediately turn that live video into a targeted advertisement. Buyers will watch