President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager said on NBC’s "Today" show Monday that the charges against the former national security adviser won’t bring down Trump. When asked by host Savannah Guthrie whether Michael Flynn would work against Trump as part of a deal with investigators, Corey Lewandowski answered:  "I don't think so and let me tell you why. Michael Flynn came to the campaign fairly late, actually Michael came after I left." Flynn first met Trump in 2015, when his campaign for president first began, "and soon became an influential adviser on foreign policy and national security," according to PBS Frontline reporter Priyanka Boghani. "What we know as it relates to the national security component and specifically, when it related to the transition, that entire component was segregated out. And the president and the campaign side really had nothing to do with the national security thing whatsoever," Lewandowski added. "If Mike Flynn was not honest with the FBI ... that's a crime that Mike is responsible for and had nothing to do with the president." Deputy campaign manager David Bossie, also on the program, said that any contact Flynn had with Russians "during the transition" is "what the government is supposed to be doing." He added, "the incoming administration, and on Dec. 2nd, the State Department, specifically said — and it's on video tape — the State Department said that, 'We understand the incoming Trump administration is dealing with national security, leaders in other countries.'" They both declined to speculate as to why Flynn would lie to federal investigators, and said that the FBI has not reached out to either of them.