Max, an aspiring library cat in St. Paul, Minn., spent time outdoors before his grounding. (Courtesy of Connie Lipton/Instagram) The story of Max the cat has already been written — simply, succinctly and perfectly. Here it is: This is basically halfway to being a children's book — Erin McGuire (@e_mcguire_) November 29, 2017 This story, printed and taped onto a university library door in St. Paul, Minn., might have ended there. But as seen above, it got tweeted. It also got Tumblr-ed. And Reddit-ed. And because the Internet loves cat characters — and has a special fondness for those known as library cats — the story of 3-year-old Max exploded Wednesday. (In some online corners, anyway; it was a heavy news day.) Having been shooed away from the Macalester College library, Max sprinted straight toward Internet fame. The people wanted a children’s book. Someone dashed off text in rhyme: “Please do not let in the cat,”the sign said. By the door he sat.His name was Max, I read and learned.“He’s nice,” but this cat hadn’t earnedthe right to come inside and read.Why could it be? What did he need? — Finn, a Human (@relsqui) November 29, 2017 Every time Max went inside,librarians from far and widewould chase him out and whisper “Shoo!”His owner had forbade him too.Poor cat. No human thought that hebelonged inside the library. — Finn, a Human (@relsqui) November 29, 2017 It seemed unjust to me that Maxwas not allowed to browse the stacks!So I set out to make it right,with pen and paper, desk and light.I filed the forms. It wasn’t hard.And now Max has a library card. — Finn, a Human (@relsqui) November 29, 2017 Someone else made the cat a library card: @librarianrover Please allow this kind and gentle soul the right to good literature that he deserves more than anyone — Sevinth (@SevinthStreams) November 29, 2017 Many literary and feline puns were proffered. “Discrimination against cats. I’m Max’s lawyer and he is filing a catsuit,” one Reddit user wrote, prompting other users to respond with edits: clawsuit, pawsuit, gnawsuit, littergation. Max’s favorite books, yet other Redditors said, must be “Catlas Shrugged”