Cygnus and Arcturus are two Detroit-area cats with some very big claims to fame. Arcturus, a spotted Savannah who measures 19.05 inches high, in the fall won the Guinness World Record for tallest domestic cat. At the same time, his housemate Cygnus, a fluffy Maine coon with a 17.5-inch feather-duster hanging from his rear, snagged the world record for longest tail. Now they're missing following a fire that destroyed their home, and their owners are offering a very big reward to whoever finds them and two other cats: $25,000 each - or $100,000 for all four - to be paid in . No one tracks missing-pet reward offers, but this one surely ranks among the heftiest ever. In March, a Californian made headlines after posting signs offering $20,000 for the return of a missing cat. Four years ago, when a woman in England remortgaged her home to be able to offer 10,000 British pounds - more than $13,000 today - for her stolen show dog, the Telegraph deemed it the biggest known reward for a pet. (Bitcoin and physical currencies are not apples and apples, of course, but some merchants, including, do accept the virtual currency.) The sum is a reflection of just how important Arcturus and Cygnus, as well as their brother Sirius and a temporary feline houseguest named Yuki, are to Will and Lauren Powers, according to Will Powers' sister, Brittney Powers. When he woke Sunday morning to find their Farmington Hills home ablaze, Will Powers, 32, frantically searched for the cats but could not locate them before firefighters pulled him out, she said. He left several doors open in hopes the cats would escape, but search parties and live traps placed in the nearby woods have turned up no sign of them, she said. "They treated their cats like children. They were members of their family. And them having notoriety for their sizes has nothing to do with how they feel about them," said Brittney Powers, who spoke on behalf of the couple because, she said, they were too distraught to be interviewed. "They're really devastated." Lauren and Will Powers met while pursuing degrees in osteopathic medicine, and they bonded over the two cats Will had then, one of whom was Sirius. They