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Dog stolen 6 years ago and almost put down is driven 2,500 miles back to his

Deuce, a dog who was stolen six years ago from a yard in North Carolina, is scheduled to be reunited with his owner in Olympia on Monday, Dec. 4.

Which animals are smartest: Dogs, cats, or ... raccoons?

In a new study, researchers counted the neurons in animal brains, which they say is an accurate way to measure cognitive ability. Some of the results might surprise you.

They tried to run from police, but then Georgio the dog ‘took them down’

Two suspects trying to outrun Volusia County Sheriff deputies in Central Florida were taken down by Georgio the dog.

His emotional support squirrel could get him evicted, but he won’t live without

Ryan Boylan faces eviction from Island Walk Condominiums for keeping Brutis, an “emotional support” squirrel he rescued after Hurricane Matthew in Clearwater Beach. He suffers from

Regardless of age or health, walk your dog one way or another

Q: Buster, our American bulldog, used to love his walks. Now it’s a miracle if he makes it around the block in half an hour. He’s not overweight and he’s on medications for

Meet Max, the cat who lost the library but won the Internet

The charming tale of a Minnesota feline who sneaked into the stacks a few too many times.

Could a bear break into that cooler? Watch these grizzlies try.

Grizzlies at a wildlife park in Montana serve as official product testers for bear-resistant containers — and they're good at their job.

Petting zoos at the office are the latest perk for stressed-out employees

And now, with the rise of office animal parties, you can stroke a bunny, cradle a puppy or massage a tortoise's neck on company time.

Couple offering $100K Bitcoin reward for record-setting cats gone missing

Four cats are missing following a fire that destroyed their home, and their owners are offering a reward of $25K each.

For $50,000 you can clone your dog. But there's a waiting list

You love your dog. But would you spend $50,000 to clone it? If the answer is yes, then a Texas company is standing by and ready to help.

Tips for flying with a cat, as told by Oscar — who hated it

Oscar is a cat of the world. He has his own Instagram account, @Oskibabi , along with high-tech toys like a remote-controlled centipede.

Veterans who want a pet can adopt for free this Saturday

For veterans who have considered adopting a dog or cat, this is the time.

Is that service dog a fake? Under federal law, you can't even ask

Fake service dogs are essentially untrained pets wearing vests or tags purchased online so Fido can tag along, too.

Should you ask your partner to take allergy shots for your pet?

Your partner is allergic to your pet, and you don't want to split with either. Is it OK to ask your partner to undergo a series of allergy shots? And how should you approach him or

Diabetes detection dog knows when emergencies lurk: 'His nose is always working'

Slash is a diabetes detection dog, trained to alert Rondelli when her son's blood sugar falls or spikes to potentially dangerous levels.

A woman's dog died, and doctors say her heart literally broke

In Simpson's case, the event that she says tipped her over the edge was the recent death of her beloved Yorkshire terrier, Meha.

Adoptable dog fashion show will help pups in Chicago, Puerto Rico, Venezuela

Oct. 11 is the Phenom Foundation's first Mutt Strut, which will help dogs in Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Chicago.

A good dog story

How Dexter, our family's black Lab, nuzzled his way into our lives.

Dog blood banks save pets' lives. But are the donors protected?

New allegations provide a window into an industry that helps to save thousands of animals each year, although one that critics say needs more regulation.

How to deal with a pesky pet guest without insulting the owner

Your friend asks permission to bring his or her dog to your party. How can you set proper boundaries for the dog without offending your friend?

Chicago's top bookstore cat, Hodge, is out of a job

Famous Chicago bookstore cat, Hodge, loses job

Beloved wonder rescue dog, Fifty the pit bull, dies

Chicago's two-legged pit bull Fifty dies and saddens social media.

The Tinder tiger selfie could soon be extinct

A Tinder profile can say a lot. A Tinder pic of a man with a tiger says: I'm unoriginal, and I don't care about the treatment of animals.

Brookfield Zoo radiologist's patients are feathered, finned and fanged

Brookfield Zoo hires America's only full-time zoo radiologist

Dire wolves were real. Now a breeder is trying to resurrect them.

In southern Oregon, there is a breeder who has spent 30 years creating a new sort of dog she calls the American Alsatian.

Breaking with tradition, Trumps have no plans to get 'first pet'

The job of first pet — an enviable White House gig — is not currently available.

Column: 6 reasons you should definitely have a dog for your emotional well-being

Pioneer Press columnist Jackie Pilossoph recently became a dog owner, and is finding the experience to be very rewarding.

Cecil the lion's son killed in trophy hunt in Zimbabwe, reports say

The son of Cecil the lion - Zimbabwe's beloved big cat who died at the hands of an American trophy hunter - has been killed as well, according to reports.

'Yappy Hours' are now a thing. Rental buildings are ramping up pet perks

In many apartment buildings, pets are viewed as valued residents who deserve their own perks — spas, room to run, grooming, toys.

Dog racing 'has a drug problem' as 12 Florida greyhounds test positive for

Flicka would turn out to be one of 12 greyhounds that tested positive for cocaine on 18 occasions over a four-month period in Florida this year.

Stylish decor and pets can coexist

It's gotten easier to have a house full of pets without sacrificing the home decor you want.

Odds stacked against those trying to find lost pets

According to animal control, more than 7,000 pets go missing each year in Chicago. Fewer than 20 percent are reunited with their owners.

Dog still eating too fast? Here's one thing to try to slow them down

Dogs that eat too fast can definitely vomit and belch, but they also can develop bloat, a potentially life-threatening condition

Dog afraid of bath time? There are waterless options

Dog may have developed a health problem, like arthritis, that is making bath time more stressful and uncomfortable.

Adopt a friend


Hormones could be making your dog aggressive

Testosterone isn't the only hormone that may be affecting your dog's behavior, new UA-led research suggests.

Steps to reducing aggressive play with cats

10-year-old Maltese/Shih Tzu mix less than thrilled with senior diet.

Pet Points:Vaccination key to fighting canine influenza's spread

Ohio is currently in the midst of an outbreak of canine influenza. The presence of infected dogs so close to this area is concerning.