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Why that new bill requiring cursive in Illinois schools is good news

Learning to write in cursive teaches kids to be better spellers and activates both left and right brain regions

These books can help build strong girls — and boys — for today’s world

A librarian’s selection of books to help kids navigate tough times

More schools are offering test retakes. But does that make kids less resilient?

Some fear that retakes create an atmosphere where students and parents consistently demand another chance when they disagree with a grade.

Wealth risks amid the rise of big spenders aged in their 70s

RETIREES are splashing out on river cruises and luxury cruises prompting fears they could run out of money before “running out of life”.

Mum’s brave decision to carry sick baby to term

AMIE Rohan was 11 weeks pregnant with identical twins when she received the news every expectant mother dreads.

How soon is too soon to teach children about consent?

HOW early is too early to start teaching children about the concept of “consent” in schools? This is a question the Scottish Government is currently considering after launching a

Don’t always believe your kid, and other lessons from those after-school storms

At the start of the year, I had filled out the getting-to-know-your-child form. I described my daughter as thoughtful, at times melancholy, full of energy and slow to warm to new

Trying to tame holiday gift excess? Here are 4 alternatives to a mountain of

Instead of the usual overload, these experts suggest a less-is-more approach to gifts — and more time spent together.

Seven ways to build an alliance with your child’s teacher

Tips from a teacher and parent on the best ways to positively communicate with teachers.

Will a little girl’s lies become a lifelong bad habit?

A parent catches a kindergartener in minor fibs and worries what they will lead to.

Here's why thinking of your baby as an adventure can be helpful

A baby is not a trip to Thailand. She’s not a spontaneous road trip or wild night out with friends, but she is an adventure in her own right, and that's a positive for mom and dad.

She gets a bouquet of birthday flowers every year from her dad - who died four

Bailey Sellers receives a bouquet of flowers every year on her birthday from her dad who died years ago.

How to avoid parental burnout this holiday season

Last weekend, I saw "A Bad Moms Christmas," the sequel to the 2016 movie "Bad Moms," about the overworked, self-sacrificing mom trope.

Parents were asked how they felt about smart toys. Here's what they said.

Some parents worried about social or behavioral implications of using smart toys.

Sports and sibling jealousy: What's really at play

As long as children live together, there is a strong likelihood for jealousy and jostling for power throughout their lives.

Why you should never force your kid to go in for the hug

As the holidays approach, a gentle reminder that kids should never be forced to hug relatives

‘It can be heart-wrenching’: Life Grants help couples with fertility issues

The Life Foundation grants chosen couples a free full cycle of in vitro fertilization or the necessary funds to cover various fertility costs.

Time-in versus timeout, which method works better for your child?

Parenting experts debate the benefit of timeouts versus time-ins, when parents will hug the naughty child and talk to him about his feelings, instead of banishing him to a corner.

Column: 'SMILF' funny, if dark, tale of single parenting

Jackie Pilossoph finds this to love in new Showtime show 'SMILF,' even if there are disturbing moments.

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How young is too young for cellphones in school?

What has become a more settled matter for high school students is sparking questions and controversy in lower grades.

Learning to accept my daughter's obsession with Disney princesses

I was most concerned that she'd base her self-worth on her looks, which wouldn't boost her self-esteem.

My daughter is moving 3,000 miles away, and it will make us both better people

At her age, I made a similar move, leaving job, family and my New England roots to follow my new husband. I want this for her too.

Column: A heartbroken mom says 'heroin is in your suburb'

Pioneer Press columnist Jackie Pilossoph shares the experience of a mother of a heroin addict.

Can't — or don't want to — baby-sit your friend's kid? Here's what to say

Two experts share what you should do when a friend asks you to baby-sit, but you don't want to.

As a mom with ADHD, I rely on fidget spinners

I'm a 36-year-old mother of three, and I have four fidget spinners. I try to keep them in convenient places.

The 5 worst car seat mistakes parents are making

Safe Kids Worldwide says car seats can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71 percent, but they have to be installed and used correctly.

For kids with autism, haircuts can be traumatic. One barber changed that.

Autistic children and young people can often find having their hair cut extremely distressing because of sensory challenges associated with the condition.

Jimmy Kimmel does it. But should you hide Halloween candy from kids?

Parents might hide kids' candy for fun or portion control. But should they?

'A Bad Moms Christmas' gives its characters a rare and precious gift: Moms

'A Bad Moms Christmas' gives the original trio three flawed, hilarious moms in the form of Susan Sarandon, Cheryl Hines and Christine Baranski.

Months after childbirth, woman's vaginal bleeding leads to rare diagnosis

She would not learn what was wrong until four months later, after suffering a massive hemorrhage in the restroom of another hospital.

Teaching kids about healthy relationships

Parents need to be on high alert, and perhaps most important, they need to speak to their sons and daughters about love and healthy relationships.

5 bite-size health tips for all that Halloween candy

There is plenty of debate about whether parents should limit their kids' access to Halloween activities and candy.

How to keep your teen driver focused on the road

The problem of distracted driving among teens continues, with public service campaigns aiming a spotlight on the issue to raise awareness among teenagers and their parents.

The ups and downs of iGen: More tolerant, less happy

Jean Twenge’s thesis is clear: the iGen is growing up more slowly, “willingly staying children for longer.” The question is why.

Helicopter. Free-range. Tiger. What's your parenting style?

The Tribune looked at a few modern parenting styles and how they compare.

Teal pumpkins signal allergy-friendly treats on Halloween

If you go trick-or-treating this year, you might notice some houses with a teal pumpkin outside the doorstep.

Soccer star turned soccer mom Abby Wambach: Here's what sports parents get wrong

Wambach remains an ambassador for the sport, but she's recently cultivated a new area of expertise: that of mom/soccer mom.