If you’ve never heard of a small institution of higher learning called Hillsdale College, here are a few things you should know about it. The school decided after a 1980s Supreme Court ruling to forego all federal funds, which means it doesn’t need to follow the Title IX rules aimed at reducing campus sexual assault, let alone any guidelines on affirmative action. The college is thus mostly white — and its longtime president once referred to non-white students at a legislative hearing as “dark ones.” It also has a reputation as an unfriendly place for LGBTQ students — which was driven home when the school’s chaplain called for prayer against “evil” gay marriage. And there’s also this: Hillsdale College is located in southern Michigan, some 280 miles west of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All in all, to paraphrase the cliché of the moment, this was a bizarre Hillsdale that one of Pennsylvania’s U.S. senators, Pat Toomey, chose to die on. OK, maybe “die” isn’t the right word, but the state’s junior senator did reveal a lot about himself on the wee wee hours on Friday when — in a strange 11-minute debate amid the dead-of-night push for the GOP’s $1 trillion millionaire tax giveaway — Toomey tried to defend his amendment that would mean a $700,000 annual tax break for the conservative-oriented Hillsdale by exempting it from a levy on endowments that would hammer the University of Pennsylvania and several other schools in the state Toomey supposedly represents. Under pressure from Democratic senators — “There are so many deserving schools in Oregon and Pennsylvania and elsewhere who don’t get this special treatment,” Oregon’s Ron Wyden observed — Toomey claimed Hillsdale’s not having to pay a tax on its endowment should be seen as a reward for not taking federal funds (the move that frees the school up to discriminate). He didn’t mention Hillsdale’s close connection with the family of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, which has donated roughly $60,000 to Toomey’s campaigns over the years. Or its connection to the Koch brothers, the oil billionaires whose foundation has donated to Hillsdale and who also spent millions of dollars to help Toomey narrowly defeat