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After staggering error, ABC gets it right

ABC’s Brian Ross was wrong about Donald Trump and Michael Flynn. But ABC got it right by suspending him.

Improve Charlotte by reducing traumatic childhood events

ACEs, or Adverse Childhood Experiences, have long-term health effects on individuals and communities.

Grace Notes: Key Charbonnet backer Cedric Richmond sends warm greetings to

'Tis the season for office parties, packed malls and high-stakes football, as usual. But for the first time in modern New Orleans history, 'tis also the season to let bygones

Fear not tax cuts, wealthy CEOs. Here's how to send more of your money to the

Nothing is easier than spending other peoples' money. There is zero compassion involved in doing that.

Mixed-income housing is good for all Philadelphians

Families who can't afford an abated luxury loft are footing the bill for higher rents, mortgages, utilities, and taxes.

Trump's no populist - just clownish and mean

Trump seems to think that racist gestures and malicious comments about immigrants and Muslims will distract working-class voters from how far he is tilting government away from

Republicans’ irresponsible tax plan rush

The procedures under which Republican senators passed their tax bill in the wee hours of Saturday morning were irresponsible. It’s worth taking a quick look at what that means.

A new kind of trust is transforming our lives

Currencies like bitcoin demonstrate a fundamental transformation taking place in capitalism today: the nature of trust is changing. Many mistakenly cite dismal polling data to

These small provisions speak volumes about the Republican tax plan

Benefits tucked in the House, Senate tax bills show just what GOP thinks of everyday Americans

Can Raul Gandhi defeat Modi and save Congress from oblivion?

Will his mother Sonia continue to pull the strings?

Is the Government’s mass surveillance of Americans justified?

Six myths about the FISA courts that should alarm all of us.

Tel Aviv Diary: Protesters have trashed Netanyahu’s get out of jail free card

A new law to prevent the prime minister being arrested for corruption draws fire.

Gorka: After eight years of Trump there will be eight years of Pence

Trump’s former assistant tells why he is happy to be outside the West Wing.

NASA is set to visit asteroid Psyche, a 150-mile-wide lump of metal

If Earth's formation hadn't gone quite right, the planet would look something like this.

Trump’s Cabinet shuffle: Cotton would be a disaster at the CIA

Tillerson may be replaced by CIA’s Pompeo, which leaves a vacancy at the Agency.

Don’t want your Charlotte development? We’ll take it

People complain - for all the wrong reasons - about new development in Charlotte.

Your new You Write the Caption challenge: 12/04/17

Welcome to You Write the Caption, the Charlotte Observer cartoon caption contest, an opportunity to test your wit and win a prize. Each Monday, Observer editorial cartoonist Kevin

Here's how Philly can make housing affordable and neighborhoods livable

Instead of Inclusionary Zoning, Philly should focus on existing housing stock, allow for density in Center City, and fulfill its commitments to our poorest neighborhoods in terms

U.S. still needs electricity from coal and nuclear plants

Closing plants prematurely could lead to a serious loss of electricity reliability, which could result in blackouts and brownouts, posing a threat to America's industries and

Given Americans' generosity, why make government the first line of defense

While it is unclear what should be included in the term welfare, it is clear that voluntary charitable giving is somewhere between three times and two-thirds of total government

Court should reject half-baked attempt to discriminate against gays

The government has a compelling interest in prohibiting unjust discrimination by businesses, even if this means requiring businesses engaged in expressive work to provide services

My Turn: Child protection today and tomorrow

With a myriad of political disruptions and global uncertainty portrayed in the media, it can be difficult to see what is going right. I want to report that there is a lot going

My Turn: The importance of reauthorizing CHIP

Republicans are talking incessantly about the need to “fix” the Affordable Care Act by the end of 2017. The ACA was coined “Obamacare” as a fallacious argument covering for a

Protesting parents off base on state education gender guidelines

Why do people bring up Christian values but throw one of the guiding tenants of Christianity out the window?

Bankole: Conyers saga exposes Pelosi leadership deficit

Minority leader has been inconsistent, and should resign, the author says

Column: Drug companies don’t deserve immunity

Michigan is the only state that shields pharmaceutical giants from legal recourse for marketing unsafe drugs, Bieda says

Column: New pipelines would boost state

Natural gas and renewables both play an important role in our state’s economy and our energy future, Dulmes writes

Will GOP back Calley?

Brian Calley is running for governor. The lieutenant governor wants the Republican nomination to succeed term-limited Gov. Rick Snyder, setting up a potentially divisive

Paul W. Smith: Dissecting the dog driving bill

It isn’t already illegal to have a dog on your lap while you’re operating a motor vehicle, Smith asks

Our Views: Sasol's scrapped energy project in Louisiana a reminder of how fluid

In a global economy where change is the only constant, the decision by Sasol to scrap a much bally-hooed energy project in Louisiana is a case study in how fluid

Letters: Time to end tyranny of testing

I read your recent article, “N.O. schools on 3-year slide” hoping for at least a glimmer of resistance to the massive and abusive web of obsessive testing foisted on our

Revitalizing our 'middle neighborhoods': One bold idea

One program in Germantown is designed to help revitalize the neighborhood by investing locally.

Why it takes victims so long to report sexual molestation

It takes a long time for the injured party to speak up because of fear, unfounded guilt, and availability of someone to believe.

Treat wildfires like disasters — and fix the funding problem

UAF climate scientists tell us we can expect more wildfires in Alaska -- and we need to be prepared.

Alaskans will have reason to remember Nov. 9 gas line deal with China

Forces are aligned as never before to realize a natural gas line for Alaska.

Toomey's shilling for right-wing Michigan college wasn't worst thing he did this

Toomey revealed who he really works for on Friday night when he fought for a a tax break for a right-wing Michigan. But whats worse is that he authored a tax bill

This doctor quit his practice, disillusioned. Now he works to reform Alaska’s

Alan Gross is leading health care reform efforts after quitting his own practice, which he came to see as contributing to the problem

Predator control advocates should learn that myths are no match for facts

Recent piece by Fish & Game commissioner perpetuates false notion that it's ignorant outsiders who oppose extreme predator control. Actually, in two elections most Alaskans voted