Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait is pushing a pay raise for local teachers. $1.8 million: The amount the state has paid to settle sexual harassment and assault claims in the past four years ending June 2017. Source: The State Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait is pushing a $4,000 pay increase for local teachers in an effort to better compete with surrounding areas to attract and retain teachers. Source: P&C Political observers are working to dissect Gov. Henry McMaster's selection of political newcomer Palema Evette to be his runningmate in next year's gov election. Some are calling Evette, who comes from a business background, "Haley-esque." Source: The State, P&C Major tax benefits that would have gone to fund nuclear power plant expansion in the U.S. are getting less of a push in the latest congressional budget after South Carolina's VC Summer plant growth was shut down. Source: P&C And with the demise of the S.C. nuclear project, the last remaining project in Georgia should take the same path, watchdogs say. Source: P&C Former S.C. Supreme Court Justice Ernest Finney, Jr., the first African-American to serve in the state's high court since Reconstruction, passed away Sunday at 86. Source: P&C P&C: "Oil and S.C. waters just don’t mix"