Mom on quest to solve son’s slay after remains found on highway

Myra Lewis believed her son decided to follow his dream to Mexico — only to discover he never escaped Brooklyn.

Alexander Lewis’ skeletal remains were found stuffed inside a discarded couch by the side of a highway last year, and the city Parks Department employee wants justice for her 26-year-old boy.

The aspiring singer, she said, had the voice of an angel until a killer who remains at large snuffed it out.

“I pray every day for justice for my son,” Lewis said. “I don’t know what to do, except sit and wait for something to come up.”

Accused gangbanger linked to 5 shootings held at Rikers

The murder mystery is wrapped in riddles, with Myra Lewis convinced that her late son’s death is tied to a work dispute.

All Myra knows for sure is that her son died violently. Marks on the bones indicated multiple stab wounds, with the fatal one inflicted to his neck, according to a police source.

The remains, including a skull, were uncovered by a city Parks Dept. staffer on the westbound Belt Parkway near the Flatbush Ave. exit in Marine Park back in September 2015.

Cops were able to match the grisly find inside the dumped couch based on Alexander’s DNA.

Myra Lewis hadn’t heard from her son in 11 months at that point, and she was worried something bad had happened.

“When I didn’t see him…for Thanksgiving and Christmas that year, I thought, ‘that’s not (like) him,’” she recalled. “ I started getting worried.”

At the time, he was on parole for a drug offense, she said. It was not his first run-in with the law, records show.

Police sources said Lewis had been in a gang and had several arrests, including one for assault in 2009, another for criminal trespass, and a reckless endangerment arrest in 2006.

He was also busted with a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver, records show.

On Sunday, his mother acknowledged he was “a street person,” but insisted he left the gang life for a construction gig.

“He was on parole and didn’t want to go back,” to that life, she said.

The couch was from a residential construction site in Brooklyn where he was working to paint and lay down sheetrock, according to his mother.

But she doesn’t know the location of the work area and name of the construction firm. The death may be tied to a fight over pay, she added, noting the boss apparently owed him money.

More than a year later, the hunt for whoever is behind the murder continues as cops go over cellphone records and other evidence.

“This is an ongoing investigation,” an NYPD spokeswoman said.

That’s little solace to the Lewis family.

“This has been on my mind every single day,” Myra said. “They didn't have to kill him and throw him away.”

She’s hoping that media coverage of the case inspires witnesses or those with more information to come forward.

“I have my son’s ashes in a small box,” she said through tears. “That’s all I have left. None of my days have been the same since I found out.”

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