Congress offers to pay NYC back fraction of Trump security costs

The city's efforts to get the federal government to pick up the tab for securing President-elect Trump's Midtown penthouse have hit a major roadblock.

Congressional Republicans late Tuesday unveiled a budget resolution that called for only a $7 million reimbursement for the city.

Mayor de Blasio earlier this week sent the Obama administration a bill for $35 million to cover expenses from Nov. 8 through Inauguration Day, Jan. 20.

De Blasio blasted the paltry payback.

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“I’m very disappointed in the action of the Congress,” de Blasio said Wednesday. “We have an unprecedented situation here in New York City: A President-elect living and working in the same location — which is unusual to begin with — in the middle of Midtown Manhattan, one of the busiest intersections in America.”

The cash included in the continuing resolution, which is intended to keep the federal government running through April, is only 20% of what the city says it’s spending to protect Trump and his Fifth Ave. tower. The resolution must pass by Friday to avert a government shutdown.

The mayor now says he’ll keep pushing Congress to change course.

“I’m disappointed. I think they should have done better by New York City. But this ain’t over,” he said during his weekly radio appearance on the Brian Lehrer radio show. “There will be another bite at the apple a few months down the line.”

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Hizzoner said he hoped Trump would help plead the city’s case to the congressional leadership.

“He has eyes to see,” de Blasio said. “I believe he does love New York City. I believe he has tremendous respect for the NYPD. He sees every day, as does his team, the extraordinary extent we’re going to to protect him, his family, his team, and the building.”

The city will keep providing Trump Tower security despite the financial slight, he said.

New York members of Congress also criticized the small reimbursement offer.

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“While I have no doubt that the NYPD will continue to do its part to secure the area around Trump Tower and meet the Secret Service’s high standard, our great city shouldn't have to foot the bill for these extraordinary security measures all by ourselves,” said Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.).

“That is why my colleagues and I made this request a priority item in the closing days of this Congress. We will continue to push for the full $35 million requested by New York City and the President.”  

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