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Trump undercuts Obama and Clinton wilderness legacies in Utah. But is it legal?

Trump undercuts Obama and Clinton legacies in withdrawal of Utah wilderness protections

'Crocodile Hunter' cameraman: Footage of Steve Irwin death is private

"I'm dying." Those were "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin's final words, according to a cameraman who said he urged the wildlife icon to "think of his kids" and "hang on" after being

House lines up vote on GOP bill easing gun restrictions

Republicans are lining up a House vote next week on a bill making it easier for gun owners to legally carry concealed weapons across state lines.

Yemen's Houthi: Ali Abdulla Saleh killed for 'treason'

Abdul Malik al-Houthi lauds removed leader's death at the hands of his fighters as victory against Saudi-led coalition.

UN says 400,000 civilians trapped in Syrian enclave

Fighting intensifying in Damascus suburb being targeted by Syrian and Russian jets despite its de-escalation zone status.

Yemen: 'Now there will be a new level of civil war'

Uncertainty looms as ousted leader Saleh is killed amid ongoing conflict between Houthi rebels and Saudi coalition.

Iraqi VP 'baffled' by French demand to disband militia

Vice President Nouri al-Maliki blasts French president's comments that Iraq must dissolve powerful Hashd al-Shaabi.

Rebels kill Yemen’s ex-president

VETERAN former president Ali Abdullah Saleh has been killed in a shooting after switching sides in Yemen’s civil war, abandoning his Iran-aligned Houthi allies in favour of a

‘I just happened to be there’

A YOUNG British woman is being held in Dubai after allegedly witnessing a fight involving her male friends in a hotel lobby.

Arab warnings mount as U.S. suggests move to declare Jerusalem the capital of

Jordan and Egypt join the backlash, claiming such a decision could collapse peace efforts and ignite unrest.

Trump taking unprecedented action to revoke national monument designations in

President Donald Trump is announcing plans to scale back two sprawling national monuments in Utah, responding to what he has condemned as a "massive federal land grab" by the

Remarkable dinosaur discoveries under threat with Trump plan to shrink national

Scientists fear that a Trump administration plan to shrink Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah will spoil one of the planet's top dinosaur fossil sites. Areas

Leaders ousted by Arab Spring: Where are they now?

In the wake of Saleh's death, we look at the fate of Arab leaders ousted by Arab Spring protests.

Gulf ministers hold key talks before GCC summit

Foreign ministers meet in Kuwait City in one of the highest official encounters since the row over Qatar began in June.

Yemen: Who was Ali Abdullah Saleh?

Saleh, who ruled Yemen for more than three decades, was killed during fighting in Sanaa in December.

Macron eyes deals for Doha's metro, Rafale fighter jets

France is close to finalising military and transport contracts during a visit by Emmanuel Macron to Qatar, source says.

Ali Abdullah Saleh: Yemen’s former leader dies, political aides say

Initial reports indicated he was killed by the rebel group known as the Houthis, Saleh’s former allies.

U.S. sees profound cultural shift on marijuana legalization

More than a third of adults have smoked it — including the last three presidents. Dozens of songs and movies have been made about it.

The Trumps' travel and protection costs, 100 days in: $30 million

President Trump's multiple residences, large jet-setting family and commuter marriage drive up first family's travel and protection costs.

Number of immigrants caught at Mexican border plunges 40% under Trump

The number of undocumented immigrants apprehended by Border Patrol agents as they attempt to cross the Southwest border has plunged dramatically, by 40%, since President Donald

Alex Jones said refugees ravaged Idaho town with disease and crime. Twin Falls

Twin Falls is glad Chobani sued Alex Jones after he said refugees brought crime and disease to the Idaho town.

El Paso and Juarez know what happens when a wall divides two cities

El Paso got its own version of a border wall in 2008. Many there aren't sure it helped anything.

Houthis reportedly gain control of majority of Sanaa

Infighting between Houthi rebels and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh's forces continue for the fifth day.

What is the GCC?

Al Jazeera explains why the GCC was formed, its structural bodies and key security agreements among the six states.

Major step forward in fight against terror

AUSTRALIA has officially declared Raqqa has been liberated from terrorist group ISIS by lifting its travel ban on the region.

'Cuck,' 'snowflake,' 'masculinist': A guide to the language of the 'alt-right'

Steve Bannon's fringe brand of conservatism is suddenly front and center, after he was named chief strategist to the president-elect.

Three dead, dozens hurt after Virginia white nationalist rally is dispersed;

Hundreds of people faced off in Charlottesville before a planned white nationalist rally in the Virginia city's downtown.

James Holmes is spared from death penalty in Colorado theater rampage

The dramatic trial of a Colorado neuroscience student who swathed himself in black body armor and unleashed a hail of fatal gunfire into a crowded midnight movie showing ended

Medal of Freedom awarded to Meryl Streep, Stevie Wonder, others

President Obama recognized 18 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, including Tom Brokaw, Stevie Wonder and Meryl Streep, in a warm

Cable TV boxes become 2nd biggest energy users in many homes

Cable TV boxes spark an energy efficiency battle between the industry and conservationists, one that seems sure to spread.

Sessions says he has 'serious concerns' about legal marijuana. Now states wonder

States that legalized marijuana worry the federal government will crack down pot use.

Syrian refugees trapped in a no man's land

Thousands are stranded along the Jordanian-Syrian border as the international community evades responsibility.

Egypt's Ahmed Shafik still considering presidential bid

Shafik says he is still considering running in 2018 presidential poll but that he will need to explore his bid further.

How Houston has become the most diverse place in America

Greater Houston is by one measure the most diverse metro area in the country, putting it on the firing line as conservative Texas lawmakers try to impose criminal 'sanctuary'

How the women’s march came into being

Update on 'Women's marches live updates: Crowds start to converge in Washington ahead of march'

The U.S. is no stranger to interfering in the elections of other countries

The CIA has accused Russia of interfering in the 2016 presidential election. But critics of the U.S. might point out that America has done the same thing.

'There's a virus in our country': The 'Trump effect' and rise of hate groups,

Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, sits down with the Los Angeles Times.

Federal judge says Arizona's ban on Mexican American studies is racially

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Arizona's ban on Mexican-American studies is racially discriminatory

Will the GCC summit resolve the ongoing crisis?

As the 38th Gulf Cooperation Council summit approaches, analysts question whether it can heal the current rift.

Growing use of police body cameras raises privacy concerns

More are calling for police to wear body cameras for transparency, but experts warn that recording video raises privacy issues.