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A Foodie's Paradise in Paradise

When I think of paradise, the ocean and food come to mind including one particular place in Miami Beach; the iconic Fontainebleau Resort. The Fontaineble...

Florida's Early Vote Ends With Record Turnout In Democratic Strongholds

Without Florida, a Trump victory is all but impossible.

This Florida Amendment Claims To Be Pro-Solar, But Energy Advocates Are Skeptical

Critics say the ballot measure, which Floridians will vote on in two weeks, is misleading.

Obama Calls Out Marco Rubio For Continuing To Support Trump

"There has to be a point where you stand for something more than just party, or more than just your own career.”

Obama Offers Blistering Takedown Of GOP In Pitch For Health Care Law

"Six and a half years later, they still haven’t shown us what it is that they would do that would be better.”

Accused Bank Robber Duped Dad Into Giving Her A Ride To ‘Job Interview': Police

This isn’t the type of family togetherness Dad intended.

Marco Rubio Won't Discuss Climate Change At Florida Senate Debate

Rubio continues to deny the effects of climate change in his home state.

Trump: The Suffering Messiah Of The Alt-Right

The GOP nominee's address on Thursday was his scariest scripted speech yet.

Al Gore Reminds Florida: 'Your Vote Really, Really, Really Counts'

The former vice president also attacked Donald Trump's climate change denial.

Marco Rubio Stands By Donald Trump Despite Lewd Tape

"I do not want Hillary Clinton to be our next President. And therefore my position has not changed.”

Here’s How Much Damage To Expect From A Storm Like Hurricane Matthew

A category 3 storm is still strong enough to blow in your front door.

See Photos Of The Hurricane Matthew Destruction

Florida prepares for disaster as Haiti's death toll climbs.

Hurricane Matthew Is Breaking One Especially Scary Record

It's unusual for a storm like this to hit in October.

Police Solve 1990 Slayings Of Babysitter And Girl, 11

The suffocations of Robin Cornell and Lisa Story had tormented a Florida community for 26 years.

Florida Man Allegedly Pours Cup Of Semen On Panera Customer

The victim screamed when she realized the liquid substance in the cup wasn't soda.

Fed Up Congressman Brings Mosquitoes To Congress

Florida Republican David Jolly displayed a jar of the bloodsuckers on the House floor to prompt action on Zika. Paul Ryan yawned.

911 Caller Told Police About 'Mentally Ill' Man Prior To North Miami Shooting

The responding officer shot health worker Charles Kinsey while he attended to a patient.

Florida Man Has World's Greatest Criminal Alias Ever (Trust Us!)

When the officer arrived, the suspect said, “I will beat every cop’s ass!”

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