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Brain disease takes away people's humanity, pathologist says

Brain scan technology offers hope deadly CTE can be diagnosed in time to help living NFL veterans, and their families, cope with the diagnosis.

With ecotherapy, a prescription for anxiety includes 5 trips to the park

Doctors are now prescribing prescriptions to the park to help patients cope with anxiety and depression among other common illnesses.

YouTuber 'Toy Freaks' could do psychological damage to his kids, experts say

YouTuber Gregory Chism, who ran the channel “Toy Freaks,” had his account deactivated after complaints about pranks he played on his daughters.

Tracker pill tells whether patients took their drugs

The FDA approved a new pill that tells whether patients took their Abilify pills, but some people are calling it a "biological big brother".

Texas gunman escaped from mental health facility in 2012, police report says

A witness told police officers that Devin Kelley "was a danger to himself and others."