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Trump administration cites California law enforcement for failing to cooperate in deportation crackdown

A list shows that several California law enforcement agencies, including a few in Los Angeles County, are refusing to honor requests to further detain suspects.

Garcetti calls for state of emergency amid concerns that flooding could damage DWP facilities

Mayor says proclamation is to protect DWP infrastructure in Owens Valley and L.A.

Absentee vote pushes L.A. County homeless sales tax measure to a strong finish

Backers of a quarter-cent sales tax increase to fund homeless programs are waiting for new vote counts Friday.

The Silver Lake drought is over: Reservoir will be finally refilled

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power officials announced Wednesday that the popular Silver Lake Reservoir will be refilled starting in mid-April.

Notorious L.A. earthquake fault more dangerous than experts believed, new research shows

Earthquakes roughly dated in 50 BC, AD 200 and 1450 suggest the seismic risk is greater than previously believed.

Wrongful-convictions database moves to UC Irvine

Online national database on wrongful convictions is now housed at UC Irvine.

After a rash of burglaries at celebrity homes, LAPD looking for possible connections

Celebrity homes have long been easy targets for burglars looking for lucrative scores.

L.A. budget report warns of $224-million deficit next year

Recent labor agreements, costly court settlements and funding for combating homelessness are driving up expenses and could hamper plans to expand city services in the coming years, report suggests.

The drought is over, but now L.A. is being swarmed by bugs

A long, wet winter followed by warm temperatures has created the perfect conditions for the insects currently swarming Southern California.

Should video from LAPD body cameras be released after a police shooting? If so, when? Police Commission wants to know

The first of several forums will be held Thursday in South L.A., asking Angelenos one of the biggest questions facing police today: Should body camera video become public after a critical incident?

Trump's border wall just got real: The builders have submitted their plans

A border wall made of soalr panels or a booby trap of nuclear waste where the U.S. meets Mexico. Those are among the proposals submitted to the department of Homeland Security.

Comic-Con Museum to open in Balboa Park

San Diego Comic-Con International will open a museum of popular culture in Balboa Park under an agreement announced Thursday.

Motorcyclist who became an Internet sensation with freeway jump is critically injured in another stunt

A motocross rider whose jump over 60 Freeway last month became an Internet sensation was critically injured Sunday after performing a dangerous off-road stunt over train tracks, police say.

O.C. doctor who faked his death to avoid prosecution is sentenced to 29 months

An Orange County doctor who faked his own death to avoid federal prosecution was sentenced to 29 months in prison

Newport Beach improperly approved Banning Ranch project, state Supreme Court rules

The city failed to adequately review massive project, the justices decide. Developer says ruling will delay but not kill the development, which was also rejected by the state coastal commission.

Sheriff's deputy won't be charged in domestic violence case but remains on leave as department probes video

Prosecutors decline to charge sheriff's deputy in domestic violence incident.

No investigation underway of attacks on reporter and photographers at pro-Trump event, officials say

A California State Parks police official said it is not investigating an attack on an OC Weekly reporter and two photographers at a Make America Great Again rally in Huntington Beach.

Reporter and photographers say they were assaulted by Trump supporters at Huntington Beach rally

Reporter, photographers said they were assaulted by Trump supporters at Huntington Beach rally

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