More women are ending on up on skid row — and facing serious danger

Good morning. It is Friday, Oct. 28. Here’s what’s going on around the state.


Tale of abuse

For three years, the young boy was hidden in locked closets and sedated by liquid sleeping aids that authorities say were given to him by his mother. When people asked Veronica Aguilar where her son was, she told them he had been placed in an institution in Mexico, according to court records. How did school officials, police, social workers and therapists lose track of the young boy despite previous allegations of abuse? Los Angeles Times

Homeless and vulnerable

Women now account for one-third of the homeless population in L.A. County. Their numbers are increasing sharply and they face particular danger on the streets. “There’s not been any approach that identifies, let alone prioritizes, gender,” one expert said. Los Angeles Times

Plus: Looking back to the 1980s, when L.A.’s homeless crisis started and city leaders struggled to fix it. Los Angeles Times

Air traffic controls

The city of Newport Beach is suing the FAA, saying that its plans to reroute flights will increase noise and pollution without a proper environmental review. Culver City is expected to file a similar lawsuit. “The federal lawsuits target the FAA’s Metroplex project, which intends to replace aging air traffic control systems, redesign Southern California’s busy airspace and change the arrival and departure procedures for 21 local airports.” Los Angeles Times

211: Social media calls this “the most San Francisco crime ever.” Someone vandalized a Tesla by spray-painting the company’s after-hours stock price on the driver’s side door. Or, it’s possible the number signified a gang or the state penal code for felony robbery. SFGate


Rain, rain go away: It will likely be a rainy commute this morning. A flash flood watch was issued for burn areas in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. “Despite this storm, the region continues to face an unprecedented lack of precipitation, recording only 60% of average rainfall this month.” Los Angeles Times


Lions on the left: How the deaths of Westside liberal lions Stanley Sheinbaum and Tom Hayden reflect the sunset of the once-dominant New Left. Los Angeles Times


Pilot passes: Bob Hoover was considered one of the last from an era of aerial daredevils. The Palos Verdes resident died Tuesday at the age of 94. “Hoover was considered one of the best ‘stick and rudder’ men in the world, a gifted pilot who possessed a combination of tremendous technical knowledge to manage his aircraft’s systems and athletic instincts that allowed him to perform daring feats.” Los Angeles Times

Party on: The Greek community’s party ban at UC Berkeley lasted for a week. Parties are back on but with new (or at least newly enforced) rules, like having sober monitors and giving talks on consent. SFGate

Robot revolution: Meet the young creator of a “robot lawyer” in San Francisco that is fighting parking tickets — very successfully. Vice

Park expansion: Some people are calling Disneyland “Construction Land” amid a boom of new rides and attractions under development. Some visitors are complaining, but die-hard fans can’t want for what’s coming. Orange County Register


San Diego could see some showers as temperatures reach a high of 78 degrees. Los Angeles is expected to have rain in the morning before temperatures reach a high of 74. Riverside will have a touch of morning rain and a high of 77 degrees. San Francisco will have rain and a high of 66. Sacramento will be rainy and 66 degrees.


Today’s California Memory comes from Kate Groetzinger:

“I moved to California from Texas at the age of 13 to attend boarding school in Santa Barbara. I remember getting off the plane to visit the school in early spring. I had horrible allergies at home and was tired all the time. But when I stepped off that plane and took a deep breath of cool ocean air, I was fully awake — for the first time in my life.”

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