L.A. River project comes with $250-million price tag

Good morning. It is Friday, Sept. 23. A Good Samaritan came to the rescue of a bear cub trapped in a dumpster in Mammoth Lakes. Here's what else is happening in the Golden State:


A star is born

Young performers looking for a break in Hollywood may believe that winning a Young Artist Award will be their ticket to meetings with directors and producers. Instead, they’re more likely to find “a Fellini-esque assortment of showbiz hangers-on.” Over the years, that has included a handful of people found by authorities to have troubling backgrounds with children. Los Angeles Times

On the river

Plans to make over 11 miles of the Los Angeles River could reach a cost of $1.6 billion — considerably more than was first suggested two years ago. A new report finds it would cost $252 million to turn a former rail yard along the river into park space and wetlands. Mayor Eric Garcetti has championed the project for years, calling this parcel the “crown jewel” of the 11-mile plan. Los Angeles Times

Serious allegation: The FBI was informed of a “child welfare” incident on an international flight last week that involved actor Brad Pitt, according to a source. There are few details other than the incident involved Pitt and one of his children. The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is investigating, the source said. Los Angeles Times

Media law: Charles Harder is the Beverly Hills attorney fighting media giants — Gawker, New York Magazine, the Daily Mail — on behalf of his celebrity clients. “I believe very strongly in a free press. But I don't believe in a reckless press. The First Amendment isn't unlimited,” he says. Hollywood Reporter


Security questions: The personal information in 500 million Yahoo accounts was stolen during a massive security breakdown. The hack occurred in 2014 but was only disclosed this week. Stolen data include “users' names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords and security questions for verifying an account holder's identity.” Los Angeles Times

What’s in this? The vegan food company Hampton Creek (“Just Mayo”) used impressive environmental statistics and sales figures to raise money from Silicon Valley billionaires. But now, those numbers are being called into question. “At Hampton Creek, it fits a pattern of mistaken or exaggerated claims that may prove to be deliberately deceptive.” Bloomberg


Bottled water: Nestlé can continue to take water from federal land in San Bernardino despite an expired permit. That’s the ruling of a federal judge who said the company’s permit is still valid because its predecessor “contacted the Forest Service to renew the permit before the old one expired in 1988, but the company never heard back from the agency.” Nestlé pumps out about 98,000 gallons of water a day and bottles it as Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water. Associated Press


Wine tasting: Wines in Temecula have never received the same respect as wines in Napa Valley or Paso Robles. Vintners in Southern California, however, are trying to change that. Five wineries have come together to prove to wine snobs that their vino can hold its own. Los Angeles Times

Take a knee: Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers graces the latest issue of Time magazine (the cover story is available online only to subscribers). The story will focus on his protest against police brutality. SFist

Friend zone: One man let Facebook’s algorithm run his life for a week. BuzzFeed


Sacramento will be sunny with a high of 81. There will be lots of sunshine and a high of 69 in San Francisco. Los Angeles will be 81 and sunny. Riverside will be 85 and sunny. It will be 75 and mostly sunny in San Diego.


Today's California Memory comes from Marianne Coffey:

“About 20 years ago we were driving home to Ventura from LAX along Pacific Coast Highway. We had just passed the incline heading toward Malibu when a limousine pulled up alongside our car. I looked over hoping to see a movie star, but the windows were darkly tinted. As it pulled away, I grinned at the livery license plate. It read: ‘Guess Who.’”

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