Is a new landmark coming to the Sunset Strip?

Good morning. It is Tuesday, Oct. 25. With election day approaching, one out of three new voters in California is Latino. Here’s what else is going on around the state.


New landmark

The project has been hailed as the new gateway to the Sunset Strip: Two residential towers, terraced gardens and a shopping center designed with dramatic glass sheets and jutting angles by Frank Gehry. But concerns about the size of the complex have made it a flashpoint in L.A.’s intense debate about growth. Los Angeles Times

The world is flat

California’s economy could face major repercussions if trade deals with China change after the November election. Chinese money has seeped into almost every crevice of California’s economy — inflating its cities’ skylines, flooding amusement parks and shopping malls with tour groups, snapping up $1-million-plus homes with all-cash offers, and quietly rejiggering the power balance in Hollywood. Los Angeles Times

Bus safety

The driver of the tour bus that crashed Sunday, killing 13 people, had previous incidents in which his company was accused of negligence. But for customers who relied on him for cheap transportation to local casinos, he was helpful and kind. Los Angeles Times

Rainy days: Southern California got a tantalizing taste of rain Sunday and Monday. A more serious storm is on the way for the end of the week. Los Angeles Times


Meme mastermind: Meet the Southern California man who has gained a huge following trolling Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “We have to think of a good hashtag, and we have to have all of our memes lined up.” The New Yorker

Pastrami on rye: Is the Los Angeles deli dying? Another iconic one, Jerry’s Famous Deli in Woodland Hills, is the latest to go. Daily News

Environmental planning: San Diego debates whether to fight climate change by creating much denser development in neighborhoods. San Diego Union-Tribune

Man’s best friend: A Navy SEAL’s long battle to keep his service dog when he returned to California from the war zone. Orange County Register


Sacramento will be rainy with a high of 69. It will be rainy and cloudy in San Francisco as temperatures reach a high of 68. Los Angeles will be cloudy and 75. Riverside will have a high of 79. San Diego will have low clouds and a high of 75.


Today’s California Memory comes from John Giarelli:

“After listening to all my moaning and groaning about blizzards, ice storms and the general dreariness of winter in NYC, my best friend in WeHo said, ‘OK, so stop complaining and move to LaLa Land already. I have the Jeep. We’ll go to the beach. Everything will be fine.’ So I moved to L.A. Every February, while walking my dogs through my Melrose neighborhood, I still think to myself, ‘When is winter coming?’ It never does.”

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