The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Amazon If given the choice, most of us would trade 15 minutes a day to have great abs. It actually seems like an unbelievable deal — I spend double that just scrolling through social media every day. The problem is that no one can sit you down and say definitively that if you put X amount of input into sit-ups every day (15 minutes, let’s say), that it will yield X output in two months, which looks exactly like a mixture of your favorite athlete and a Greek statue. It also doesn’t help that sit-ups at home have a way of feeling completely useless. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your energy is activating your core or being diverted to your spine digging into the floorboards. (If you’re sticking to the sit-ups, you might want to grab this to eliminate those roadblocks). Couple the aforementioned uncertainty with an exercise that feels like you might be wasting your time, and few of us trade those 15 minutes for great abs and a healthier lifestyle — because how do we know they’re actually working towards anything at all? Well, now you can know for sure. If you want to cut out the uncertainty of "Is this working?" grab yourself the Ab Carver Pro Roller and get to it — you’ll know with the first movement that it’s working. The "ab carver" is an apt name — the patented spring design makes the most out of every movement, straining your muscles all over and toning your arms at the same time. It’s simple, as the best workout accessories are, and gives you the freedom of motion to twist and turn in order to target different muscle groups. If you really want to hit the obliques, simply wheel it side to side. Shutterstock For most of us, the act of wheeling something out in front of us by the strength of our core alone would do enough to "feel the burn," but the Ab Carver Pro Roller uses that spring design to push against your movements and adds resistance to engage your core. Like many of the most effective workouts out there, not only does the ab carver roller use resistance to get you a better body using