The holiday season is upon us—the perfect time of year for gifts! And what makes a better gift than books?  We are lucky to have many talented authors in the state of Pennsylvania, including many who live close to Philadelphia. In the spirit of shopping locally this season, here are some of our favorite books by local authors to give as gifts, from our team of children’s and teen book selectors at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Recommendations for Younger Readers Accident! by Andrea Tsurumi We all make mistakes, and sometimes we worry too much about them!  In Andrea Tsurumi’s debut picture book, we follow Lola the armadillo as she runs away to the library (“They have books and bathrooms”) after spilling juice all over her family’s white armchair.  On her panic run, she meets other animals, each overwhelmed by their own mistakes (“Disaster! Major mess! Big big trouble!”). But they learn it’s okay to make mistakes.  Sometimes mistakes are just an accident, and the surest way to make it better is by apologizing and then helping to make it right—something we can all do! Lily’s Cat Mask by Julie Fortenberry New experiences can be daunting for everyone; a new school, a new teacher, and new friends are big challenges.  And they can be especially hard if one is shy.  Lily is not looking forward to going to school.  She is not even interested in going shopping with her dad for school supplies, but at the store she sees a cat mask, and things begin to change. The mask gives Lily confidence and allows her the time to adjust.  Soon she is finding ways to cope and learning to interact with others, even without her mask.  Julie Fortenberry’s book is a lovely story about dealing with transitions in life. The Ring Bearer by Floyd Cooper It is a great responsibility to be the ring bearer—especially at your mother’s wedding.  A new blended family is coming together—Jackson and his mama, Bill and his daughter, Sophie—and it’s up to Jackson to carry the rings; Sophie will be the flower girl. Can Jackson make it all the way to the altar without a hitch? And what happens when Sophie trips on the steps?  Floyd Cooper brings us a story of love and new beginnings in this warm and