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Tech stocks slump, offsetting gains by telecoms and banks

Stock indexes didn't do much at first glance Monday, but the modest move for the Standard & Poor's 500 masked some dramatic changes roiling underneath the surface.

Mulvaney already is putting his stamp on CFPB — and still sparring over its

Mick Mulvaney is moving quickly to put his stamp on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau even as he continues to spar with the deputy director over who is the bureau’s lawful

Here's how much the iconic Rockettes get paid to do 4 shows a day, change

Becoming one of the high-profile dancers requires being well-versed in ballet, tap, and jazz — but you'd only be employed seasonally.

America's future depends on the death of the single-family home

Single-family neighborhoods, a hallmark of the American Dream, are outliving their usefulness. To afford housing, America will need to make some big changes.

The 3 worst pieces of career advice I've ever received

Just because a career choice worked for one person does not mean it's good career advice for everyone.

CVS shares slide and Aetna stock rises on news of merger deal

Shares of CVS fell on the first day of trading after news that the pharmacy company will buy Aetna Inc.

Holiday office parties as we know them are dying

Fewer companies are hosting holiday parties — and the companies that are celebrating plan to serve less alcohol.

Meet Generation Z, the 'millennials on steroids' who could lead the charge for

Generation Z is tech-savvy, inclusive, and not so different from the millennial generation that precedes it, finds research from 747 Insights and Collaborata.

Getting the whole story on Det. Sean Suiter's killing

The issue is not whether Police Commissioner Kevin Davis and Mayor Catherine Pugh decided to put the Suiter investigation in the FBI's hands before or after two councilmen demanded

‘Every time I talk about drunk walking people just laugh’

STEVEN Levitt has spent “more time than any reasonable person would” proving the Japanese sport of sumo wrestling was rife with cheating.

US President’s own tweet draws attention to his inner circle

ONE of Donald Trump’s own tweets may have accidentally placed him in jeopardy, as the Russia investigation draws worryingly close to his inner circle.

More bad news for millennials

ALREADY sentenced to struggling to own a home and lumped with expensive university fees, Australia’s millennials are now becoming the unemployed generation.

‘I was catching public transport instead of driving my convertible’

GEMMA Lloyd was living the dream with a six-figure salary, a nice apartment and a BMW convertible before she gave it all up to start her own business.

Citizenship: Federal MPs to come clean on status in official register

FEDERAL MPs will be forced to disclose their spouse’s citizenship status, along with their parents and grandparents, in a directive that could see more politicians caught up in the

Shorten ‘needs to explain’ meeting

LABOR leader Bill Shorten visited Chinese businessman Huang Xiangmo at his Sydney mansion, reportedly months after the party received a warning from ASIO.

CVS reportedly buying Aetna for $69 billion in deal that would shake up

The mega-merger could transform CVS' 9,700 pharmacy storefronts into community medical hubs for primary care and basic procedures

‘Help me please’

A TEEN girl claims she discovered a “help me” note hidden inside an Amazon delivery branding bosses “evil”.

War games to ‘destroy’ N Korea

THE US and South Korea’s planned war games this week have already put North Korea on edge, as the rogue nation issued another threat.

Shorten meets Chinese donor after ASIO warning

LABOR leader Bill Shorten visited Chinese businessman Huang Xiangmo at his Sydney mansion, reportedly months after a warning from ASIO.

The most successful founders Barbara Corcoran invests in share one personality

"Shark Tank" star Barbara Corcoran says the most successful company founders she's invested in are street smart — and don't blame others for their failures.

Women are becoming 401(k) millionaires much sooner than their male coworkers

According to Fidelity figures, women pass the million-dollar mark at 58.5 years of age, while men don't until just after 59.

A bucket list will make you miserable — here's why you should try a reverse

If your bucket list is stressing you out, write down the things you already have accomplished.

'I had great legs!' Barbara Corcoran says she's used the 'dumb blonde card' and

Real-estate mogul and "Shark Tank" investor Barbara Corcoran says she takes advantage of the fact that people underestimate her because she's a woman.

This hotel owner once hawked flowers on street corners

Robert Cohen, with his brother Joe, traveled an unusual path from flower selling to commercial real estate. Now Robert, 87, owns several hotels and other properties, including the

How to avoid outliving your retirement savings

Waiting to collect Social Security benefits increases your income in retirement and provides a hedge against outliving your savings.

Rules still apply: No such thing as a free pass at holiday parties

You've worked hard all year, kept your nose clean and completed all the work that was expected of you and more. You spent 11 months building up your 2017

The Republican tax bill's small-business problem — most won't benefit from the

The sticking point is how the plan treats "pass-through" businesses, such as S-corps, sole proprietorships and LLCs, whose business profits are taxed as personal income.

Courier driver’s disgusting act

WHEN Nemy Bautista arrived to his Sacramento home on Tuesday, he found what appeared to be dog poo at the bottom of his driveway.

What ruined Trump’s New York party

FOR President Donald Trump, this is a best-of-times, worst-of- times moment. So far.

Wage theft: Over a million of us ripped off

A BLEAK new report shows one-in-10 working Australians — more than a million of us — rarely or never receive the minimum wage from our employers.

HOA parking restrictions should be rooted in reality, not for sake of

HOA boards that unduly restrict parking should reconsider the needs of their community, including elderly residents reliant on daily caregivers

LA Weekly reveals its secret owners: mostly men with Orange County ties

LA Weekly revealed its new owners Friday in a short post written by the publication’s new operations manager, Brian Calle. The lineup is heavy with men who have strong Orange

Don't expect this 'award' to help you enter college

The official-looking Certificate of Selection for Award comes in a thick red envelope along with a three-page letter and supporting materials.

Republicans likely to keep some property tax break. It's still not good for many

A key Republican indicated Thursday that the Senate’s tax bill was all but certain to keep a limited deduction for property taxes — a partial victory, but still a major loss for

Why the GOP tax plan's big boost in the standard deduction won't be a windfall

The GOP plan to nearly double the standard deduction as part of a tax overhaul appears to be a windfall for average Americans.  But other proposed changes significantly reduce the

Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner face new allegations of sexual misconduct

Filmmaker Brett Ratner has long surrounded himself with powerful friends, including music mogul Russell Simmons and filmmaker James Toback, who’ve shared his playboy lifestyle. And

LA Auto Show 2017: Arcimoto three-wheeler delivers electric mobility

Oregon-based Arcimoto brought a small, sporty electric two-person car to the LA Auto Show. It's proving to be one of the event's most popular test-ride vehicles.

3 attention-grabbing ways to make your cover letter stand out from the the pile

Whether you use a slogan, a testimonial, or a mission statement — make sure your cover letter is personally branded.

Your skills aren't the only reason you aren't getting paid more — your

The more your personality matches with the ideal characteristics for a role, the more likely you are to have a higher salary.