"Planification Familiale c'est la cle dela prosperite de votre famille."  The message, which translated from French means “family planning is the key to your family's prosperity,” was printed in blue, block letters on the wall of a small reproductive health clinic in Lubumbashi, a city in the southeastern strip of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Empty boxes of birth control pills were piled nearby in a corner. The last of the day’s patients, two women seemingly barely in their 20s, waited in a dimly lit room inside the cinder block building that serves the needs of Lubumbashi’s poorest.  Jeannine Assani, regional coordinator for ABEF (or Association pour le Bien-Etre Familial/Naissances Désirables), the Congolese reproductive health organization that runs things at this clinic, was concerned about her organization’s ability to continue its work providing free contraception, gynecological exams and family planning education because its funding has been reduced as a result of the Trump administration’s reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy, known as the "global gag rule." Related: Kenyan health providers call Trump's global gag rule 'a death sentence' for women “Now, we can’t even really supply condoms,” Assani said as we toured the clinic. “Women will come here, but often we have to refer them to the main hospital where they have to pay.”  The global gag rule, which every Republican administration since Ronald Reagan has enacted, bans international organizations that receive US aid from providing abortions or suggesting abortions as an option to pregnant women. ABEF doesn’t provide abortions — the procedure is illegal in the DRC — but larger organizations that do, primarily the International Planned Parenthood Federation, bankroll a good portion of ABEF’s budget.  Swahili and French messages on the outer walls of the ABEF clinic in Lubumbashi encourage women to use family planning methods.  Credit: Laura Kasinof/PRI  IPPF does provide and support abortions when they are legal in a country and has refused to stop doing so in the face of the global gag rule. It expects that its losses from the Trump administration policy will reach around $100 million.