It’s the holiday season and you have to expect everyone to indulge, including mice. There were reports of the little critters in snack bags, gnawing on dried fish and roaming the candy isles.  Couple those citations with expired bacon, dented cans, dirty deli slicers, an unapproved George Foreman grill and you have this week’s Clean Plates report. Philadelphia Department of Public Health inspectors temporarily closed 23 restaurants, markets and stores between Nov. 16 and Nov. 30. The inspectors visit nearly 1,000 eateries and food retailers every two weeks. Every inspection is generally regarded as a snapshot in time, and not necessarily a reflection of day-to-day conditions.  Most violations were corrected immediately in the presence of an inspector. To look up reports on a specific Philadelphia restaurant, or a Montgomery, Bucks or Gloucester County eatery, visit A list of eateries that were closed, or are facing court dates, follows: Google Clean Plates, the location of Gary’s Market IGA,7938 Dungan Road. Gary’s Market IGA 7938 Dungan Rd. 24 violations, 9 serious Mice feces seen on shelving throughout retail area; the market had a heavy mouse infestation in the rear storage and retail areas; visible evidence of insect or rodent contaminated foods in the candy isle; dead flying insects were found in the refrigerated display case outside of bakery area and ice cream display freezer; swollen cartons of beverages were found in the refrigerated beverage case; medication was stored inside cabinet with utensils and equipment; employee did not wash hands prior to putting on gloves; employee in deli area was seen handling ready-to-eat food with bare hands; deli slicers are not properly washed, rinsed and sanitized; duck tape was used on floor tiles in the retail area; the facility did not have a garbage grinder. Due to imminent health hazards observed during this inspection, the establishment was issued a Cease Operations Order and must discontinue food operations immediately. The establishment could not operate for a minimum of 48 hours. Inspected Nov. 30. Khan, Zakir (KSK)/ID# V00756/Roamer Non-permanent location 6 violations,