The nerveless knockabout happily embraced the “Cam Slam” after watching every tense TV moment of his namesake leading the Kangaroos to Rugby League World Cup glory the night before his early rise for a Sunday 68. This was a coronation for Queenslander Smith (69-71-70-67) at Royal Pines for his first pro title of any kind on home fairways and in his home state with the peerless wedge play which has earned him renown on the elite PGA Tour where he won in May. Cam Smith celebrates the win with his mates.Source:Getty Images An exquisite up-and-down from the right run-off gully beside the tough tabletop green at the 18th won it on the second extra hole when he needed just a one metre putt while Sydney’s gallant fighter Jordan Zunic took bogey. The champagne shower on the final green, the hugs from friends and family, the proud “Smithy” chants from the “Cam Crew” walking the fairways and all the fanfare might have been squashed by one idiot on the final hole of regulation play. Caddie Sam Pinfold wisely intervened to stop Smith continuing with his shot to the final green when he angrily called for security to deal with the gallery pest. Cam Smith after draining the winning putt.Source:Getty Images “That’s three times ... get him out of here,” an angry Pinfold said. The pest had muttered “pressure moment” and “don’t choke” before a series of sneezing and coughing sounds as Smith started his pre-shot routine. Darryl Reid, a two-decade security figure on the fairways who once held crowds at bay during Greg Norman’s pomp, marched the fan out of the Gold Coast course. Smith’s approach missed the green where he took bogey to fall into the play-off with Zunic (66-69-64-71), who also finished at 18-under-par. “He just said a few nasty things telling me not to choke. I tried to just play it off and then as I was coming into the ball, he coughed and sneezed,” Smith said. Runner-up Jordan Zunic (L) congratulates Cam Smith.Source:AFP “I don’t know what he was trying to achieve ... I guess he was from New South Wales.” It was bucket list excitement for Smith, the kid from humble Wantima Country Club in Brisbane’s north who once tuned his pinpoint wedge play aiming at sand