Since the colorful multiplayer shooter Splatoon 2 launched on the Nintendo Switch back in July, the game has maintained a fairly steady player base, according to producer Hisashi Nogami. There was some inevitable decline once the hype of the launch wore off, but since then he says that the community has remained consistent, due in large part to a steady stream of weekly updates that have added new modes, maps, weapons, and gameplay tweaks. Over the past five months, there’s only really been one point where there was a large decline in players. “It is true that when Super Mario Odyssey launched, we saw fewer than normal users logging on to play the game,” says Nogami with a laugh. Now Nogami and his team are hoping to reignite the game once again with Splatoon 2’s biggest update so far. This week will see the addition of new maps, an increased level cap, more hairstyles and music tracks, and a whopping 140 pieces of gear, followed by a new competitive mode in December. It’s substantially larger than any previous update, and Nogami says that this deluge of content is designed in part to make Splatoon 2 more enticing ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. “We’re hoping that we’ll be able to invite in a group of new players who get the game,” he says, “or who are maybe picking up a Switch at the end of the year.” The first part of the update will start rolling out on November 23rd, and will include the majority of the new content. The fresh gear will include some fan-favorite clothing options from the original Splatoon, as well as a wealth of cold weather-themed items like ski masks, warm jackets, and thick, cozy sweaters. “We had something in mind like offering a fall collection, or a winter collection, similar to what you see in the fashion industry in the real world,” art director Seita Inoue says of the additions. There will also be four more hairstyle options to choose from, and a pair of new tracks to listen to during battles. The update also introduces some quality-of-life tweaks for veteran players: the level cap has been raised from 50 to 99, and you’ll now finally be able to switch up your gear without having to leave the multiplayer lobby. Then on the